Design smart and efficient factory automation applications to save energy and extend system life with our analog and embedded processing products and expertise

From industrial communications to robotics to meeting functional safety standards such as IEC 61508, our strong portfolio of embedded and analog products, system expertise and technical resources support you in engineering smart factory applications.


Develop the most sophisticated robots of tomorrow with our analog and embedded products and expertise

Design smarter and safer automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots with our sensing, high-speed perception and real-time control products

Why choose TI for factory automation & control?


Increase power efficiency 

Our innovative process and package technology enables you to design the smallest, most efficient and best-in-class power system solutions.


Designed to scale

We offer a wide variety of devices enabling multiple protocols, from field to management level, for industrial communications.


Accelerate time to market

Our large selection of reference designs and development tools enables you to develop the solution of tomorrow.

Engineering smarter, more automated factory systems

Designers are facing the challenge of adding more safety features, sensors, higher throughput and higher processing integration in robotic designs all while meeting power demands. We help meet these demands with technology featuring precise motor control, robust real-time communication and advanced sensing capabilities.

Your complete compendium of technical documentation on robotic system designs, focusing on collaborative robots (cobots) and factory robots.
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Decentralized motor control demo for AGV/AMR designs
Start prototyping quicker while achieving seamless robot navigation movement. Our demo, featuring the AGV/AMR robot sub-systems motor drive and robot controller, will explain how.

Unlock seamless connectivity and scalability

Many modern systems now come with communication interfaces to enhance the overall connectivity of a system design but can also result in new challenges for design engineers. We support a wide range of industrial communication standards – from serial interfaces (IO-Link, CAN, RS-485) to industrial Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbit and multi-protocol industrial Ethernet like EtherCAT, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, and others) and new technologies such as time-sensitive networks (TSN) and single-pair Ethernet (SPE). This support enables design engineers to have advanced connectivity and scalability to meet the needs of current industry trends.

Factory automation design made simple with multiprotocol industrial Ethernet systems
Multiprotocol industrial Ethernet systems reduce manufacturing costs in the development cycle, reducing bill-of-materials costs by requiring fabrication of only a single printed circuit board, thereby accelerating time to market.
EtherCAT® protocol: C2000™ real-time controller
Learn how to design with the EtherCAT communication peripheral on C2000 real-time controllers.
实现industrial communication的特色产品
AM2434 预发布 具有工业通信和信息安全功能且频率高达 800MHz 的四核 Arm® Cortex®-R5F MCU
DP83826E 正在供货 具有 MII 接口和 ENHANCED 模式的低延迟 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY
新产品 TIOL112 正在供货 具有低残余电压和集成浪涌保护功能的 IO-Link 器件收发器

Streamline functional safety system certification

Factory floors require equipment with monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to reduce the probability of dangerous faults that can result in harm of humans, environment or assets. 

We are helping achieve functional safety certification by building customer trust with expertly engineered products to meet industry standards such as IEC 61508, ISO 13849, IEC 61800 and IEC 60730.

Functional safety design takes rigor, documentation and time to get it right. Whether you’re designing for the factory floor or the highway, this white paper explains how to streamline your functional safety design.
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Enabling precision delta‐sigma ADCs in functional safety applications
This article discusses analog-to-digital converter (ADC) failure modes and introduces options to address them in functionally-safe systems.
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《了解符合 IEC 62380 和 SN 29500 的功能安全时基故障基本故障率估算》
Systematic and random hardware failures need to be addressed to achieve functional safety compliance. Learn about two techniques for estimating the base failure rate (BFR) required to calculate quantitative random hardware.
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实现functional safety的特色产品
AM6442 预发布 双核 64 位 Arm® Cortex®-A53,四核 Cortex-R5F,具有 PCIe、USB 3.0 和安全性
新产品 TPS37 正在供货 具有超低静态电流和延时功能的 65V 窗口监控器
TPS2662 正在供货 具有集成输入和输出反极性保护功能的 4.5V 至 60V、478mΩ、0.025A 至 0.88A 电子保险丝

Featured products

新产品 精密 ADC (<=10MSPS) ADS127L11 正在供货 具有易驱动输入和宽带或低延迟滤波器的 24 位 400kSPS Δ-Σ ADC
新产品 高侧开关 TPS272C45 正在供货 具有可调节电流限制的 36V、45mΩ、3A、2 通道工业高侧开关


使用 TPS65219 PMIC 为 AM62x 供电
This application note can be used as a guide for integrating the TPS65219 Power Management IC (PMIC) into non-automotive systems powering the Industrial AM62x Sitara Processor.
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Improved Inductive Discharging for Digital Output Modules
Driving inductive loads, for example, solenoids, relays or valves, is a common task for digital output modules in the field of Factory Automation. Read about how you can optimize your design for faster switching.
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Supporting High Voltage Common Mode Using Instrumentational Amplifier
Read our application brief on how to support high-voltage common mode using instrumental amplifiers for programmable logic controllers (PLC) analog input modules. 
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Reference design
适用于机器视觉摄像机和视觉传感器的高密度隔离式 PoE 和 GigE 参考设计
以太网供电 (PoE) 提供了简单、可靠的解决方案,可通过单根线缆实现高数据速率、长距离的电力和数据传输。这种同时传输数据和供电的功能使 PoE 适用于机器视觉摄像机和视觉传感器等小型器件。此参考设计使用完整的 PoE 供电设备 (PD),包括 1Gb/s 物理层和外形尺寸极小的 27 x 27mm 高效隔离式电源解决方案。
Reference design
适用于 IEC 61508 (SIL-2) 且经 TUV 评估的数字输入参考设计
该 8 通道、组隔离式、数字输入模块参考设计聚焦于需要工业功能安全的应用。该设计实现了诊断功能,以帮助检测永久和瞬态随机硬件故障。该输入模块的概念已经过 TUEV SUED (TÜV SÜD) 的评估,可帮助设计人员满足 IEC61508-2:2010 (SIL2) 和 EN13849-1:2015 (Cat2 PLd) 系统合规性要求。此外,该设计还具有 0 硬件容错 (HFT) 能力(1oo1D 架构),并且具有设计用于符合 IEC61131-2(1 类)建议的数字输入。
Evaluation board
AM243x 基于 ARM 的 MCU 通用 LaunchPad 开发套件

LP-AM243 是一款适用于来自 AM243x 系列的 TI Sitara™ 高性能微控制器的低成本开发板。该板提供易于使用的标准化平台来开发下一个应用,非常适用于初始评估和原型设计。LP-AM243 配备了 Sitara™ AM2434 处理器以及其他元件,使用户可以利用各种器件接口,包括工业以太网、标准以太网、快速串行接口 (FSI) 等,来轻松创建原型。AM2434 支持各种工业以太网协议,如 EtherCAT、EtherNet/IP 和 PROFINET。

该扩展版本 LaunchPad™ 开发套件可提供额外 IO 引脚用于开发,并支持连接两个 (...)