GCC - Open Source Compiler for MSP432 Microcontrollers


Release Date:  09 Mar 2017

This page contains specific information about GCC - Open Source Compiler for MSP432 Microcontrollers release package. Refer to the table below for download links and related content.


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  Title Version Description Size
Windows Installer for MSP432GCC Windows Installer for MSP432GCC 32787 K
macOS Installer for MSP432GCC macOS Installer for MSP432GCC 15184 K
Linux x64 Installer for MSP432GCC Linux x64 Installer for MSP432GCC 13690 K

Supported products & hardware

Supported product family Supported products
  • MSP432P401R
  • MSP432P401M

What's New?

  • Download speed improvements
  • Updating code examples to version of MSP432Ware
  • Automatic firmware update for XDS110 and XDS200
  • Components:
    • SimpleLink™ MSP432™ header and support files (v3.0.0):
      • CMSIS Core v5.0
      • Header files
      • Startup files
      • Linker files
      • FlashMSP432 library
    • XDS Emulation Software Package including GDB agent (v6.0.579.0)
      • Automatic firmware update for XDS110 and XDS200
    • Five examples (based on MSPWare v3.50.00.02)

Release Information

SimpleLink™ MSP432™ GCC Support package is complete debugger and open source C/C++ compiler toolchain for building and debugging embedded applications based on SimpleLink™ MSP432™ microcontrollers. The ARM GCC Compiler is owned and maintained by ARM. Therefore, the ARM GCC compiler is not provided within the SimpleLink™ MSP432™ GCC Support Package.

While the TI package includes the examples and other collateral files, users can download the GCC and GDB binaries from the following location: https://developer.arm.com/open-source/gnu-toolchain/gnu-rm/downloads.

This package has been tested with:

  • GCC ARM Embedded Compiler v4_9-2015q3-20150921
  • GCC ARM Embedded Compiler v5_3-2016q1-20160330
  • GCC ARM Embedded Compiler v6_2-2016q4-20161216

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