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Power supply design at your fingertips!

You can use WEBENCH to create customized power supplies or DC-DC converters for your circuits. This environment gives you end-to-end power supply designs and prototyping tools. WEBENCH tools enable you to solve switching-power-supply design problems before you build your prototype. This alleviates the time and trouble associated with traditional power supply design methods. Included in the WEBENCH tool set is a device selection tool. It helps you find the best switching regulator, linear regulator (LDO), or MOSFET controller for your power supply circuit. Many new parts are fully supported in WEBENCH, such as the SIMPLE SWITCHER®, SWIFTconverters, and high-voltage flyback controllers. If you want to focus on linear regulator design, use the WEBENCH linear regulator and LDO design tools. And if you want to design power systems for automotive applications, WEBENCH has Automotive Power Designer to help you out.

You will find multiple, complete system alternatives inside all of the WEBENCH design tools. This is done in the WEBENCH Visualizer environment, where you will find a WEBENCH Optimizer Dial. This dial allows you to differentiate and compare your design across footprint, efficiency, or system cost with a simple twist of the Optimizer Dial. With this twist, you will activate selection algorithms that produce real-time results.

To complete the picture, the WEBENCH Designer Eco-System makes these comparisons possible. The EcoSystem has more than 110 component manufactures and electronic distributors in its database. This database contains electrical and physical characteristics for tens of thousands of part numbers and over a hundred component vendors with price and availability updated hourly over the internet.

Regardless of where you are in the world, WEBENCH Designer is at your disposal. WEBENCH Designer is available in multiple languages including English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. So jump-in and enjoy this design tool, by entering your power supply specifications on the right had side of the screen and click on START DESIGN.

For multiple-output, high-performance DC-DC power supplies for entire systems, please check out WEBENCH Power Architect.

WEBENCH® Designer



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WEBENCH Electrical Simulator
After entering your power supply design specifications, the circuit calculator displays the best power IC options and efficiency trade-offs, plus recommendations for the surrounding components with footprint optimization. Designs will be suggested using buck (step-down), boost (step-up), flyback, inverting, or SEPIC (buck/boost) topologies, depending on your specifications. Switching regulators with voltage mode, current mode, emulated current mode, or hysteretic control methods are supported in both integrated switch voltage regulator or separate MOSFET DC-DC controller solutions including MOSFET selection. All necessary external components including those required for loop compensation are selected and displayed in the BOM, schematic, and estimated footprint.

Utilizing SPICE models, WEBENCH Power Designer provides various test measurements for you to simulate your power supply circuit, such as bode plots, steady state, input transient, load transient, and startup simulations. Through probe points on a schematic display, you can examine waveforms, change component values, and view a history of simulation results to fine-tune your design.

WebTHERM™ Thermal Simulation
Use this tool to simulate the thermal behavior of an electronic printed circuit board (PCB). Define environmental conditions like ambient temperature, board specifications, air flow, and optional heat sink to solve thermal problems customized to your design requirements. WebTHERM then plots a color map of the PCB, allowing you to identify any potentially hot spots on your board.

Build It features
WEBENCH Power Designer creates the ideal design values to meet your desired performance parameters. It then selects a bill of materials (BOM) from a database of real world inductors, capacitors, resistors, MOSFETs, and active components that meet your performance requirements. WEBENCH Power Designer then optimizes your kit based on hourly feeds of component availability from distributors around the world so that your optimized design can be ordered and shipped the same day you create it. WEBENCH Build-It provides complete documentation to assemble your design: BOM, schematic, design specifications, and simulation results so you can assemble and test your design as soon as you receive the kit. WEBENCH tools give you the best possible design quickly with real world components so you can have your design operating as soon as possible.

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TPS62243-Q1 DDC / 薄型小外形尺寸晶体管 (TSOT)23 封装内的 2.25MHz 300mA 降压转换器 TPS62244-Q1 采用 TSOT23 封装的 2.25MHz 300mA 降压转换器


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