MSP430 Mifare 固件开发包



The TRF796x-TRF7970x_Mifare® MSP430 code repository is for use with Texas Instruments TRF7960A, TRF7963A, TRF7964A and TRF7970A 13.56MHz RFID transceivers. It enables customers who need to create a Mifare® Classic system solution in their end equipment. The solution can be downloaded onto the TRF7960AEVM or the TRF7970AEVM, both of which use the MSP430F2370 ultra-low power 16 bit microcontroller. A PC GUI is also in the repository for use on Windows XP and Windows 7 to demonstrate the functionality and interactions.

RFID technology has been selected for most contactless smart card projects and as a result, become the most successful brand within the automatic fare collection industry. In addition, the RFID products successfully address other applications such as loyalty, road tolling, access management, and gaming. This RFID solution is based on ISO/IEC 14443 Type A which one of the international standard for proximity card systems consisting of card and reader components with a typical read/write distance of 10 cm (4 inches).

The Mifare® RFID solution allows software application developers to become familiar with the operation of the TRF7960A/TRF7970A 13.56MHz RFID or NFC/RFID reader ICs using their Texas Instruments TRF79xxAEVM (development platform) without having to be concerned about the RF portion of the system.

The TRF796X_TRF7970X_MIFARE_12_2013 - MSP430 Mifare® Firmware Development Package contains security features and is therefore subject to U.S. Export Controls. Please ensure you request and have received approval for the software download before purchasing the TRF7960AEVM or TRF7970AEVM, if this card type is the only one to be used in your development.

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TRF796X_TRF7970X_MIFARE_12_2013 — MSP430 Mifare 固件开发包

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