TPS54060 48V 输入、3.3V 输出、0.5A 评估模块




The TPS54060 dc/dc converter is designed to provide up to a 0.5-A output from an input voltage source of 3.5 V to 60 V. This evaluation module is designed to demonstrate the small, printed-circuit-board areas that may be achieved when designing with the TPS54060 regulator. The switching frequency is internally set at a nominal 500 kHz. The high-side MOSFET is incorporated inside the TPS54060 package along with the gate drive circuitry. The low drain-to-source on-resistance of the MOSFET allows the TPS54060 to achieve high efficiencies and helps keep the junction temperature low at high output currents. The compensation components are external to the integrated circuit (IC), and an external divider allows for an adjustable output voltage. Additionally, the TPS54060 provides adjustable slow start and undervoltage lockout inputs. The absolute maximum input voltage is 60 V for the TPS54060EVM-457. A summary of the TPS54060EVM-457 performance specifications is provided in Table 2. Specifications are given for an input voltage of VIN = 34 V and an output voltage of 3.3 V, unless otherwise specified.The TPS54060EVM-457 is designed and tested for VIN = 12 V to 48 V, 0.5A output. The ambient temperature is 25°C for all measurements, unless otherwise noted.

AC/DC 和 DC/DC 转换器(集成 FET)
TPS54060 具有 Eco-Mode 的 3.5V 至 60V 输入、0.5A 降压转换器 TPS54060-EP TPS54060-EP - 具有 Eco-Mode 的 0.5A、60V 降压 DC/DC 转换器 TPS54060A 具有 Eco-Mode 的 3.5V 至 60V 输入、0.5A 降压转换器
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TPS54060EVM-457 — TPS54060 48V 输入、3.3V 输出、0.5A 评估模块

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证书 TPS54060EVM-457 EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日
数据表 TPS54060 0.5-A, 60-V Step Down DC-DC Converter with Eco-Mode™ 数据表 (Rev. C) PDF | HTML 2015年 9月 8日
EVM 用户指南 TPS54060EVM-457 0.5-A, SWIFT(TM) Regulator EVM 2009年 3月 16日



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