TPS40041 5V 输入、1.8V 输出、6A 评估模块




The TPS40041EVM-001 evaluation module (EVM) is a synchronous buck converter providing a fixed1.8 V output at up to 6 A from a 5 V input bus or 3 A from a 3.3 V input. The EVM is designed to start up from a single supply, so no additional bias voltage is required for start-up. The module uses the TPS40041 Reduced Pin Count Low-Voltage Synchronous Buck Controller. TPS40041EVM-001 is designed to use a regulated 5 V (4.5 V to 5.5 V) or 3.3 V (3.0 V to 3.6 V) bus to produce a medium current, regulated 1.8 V output at up to 6 A of load current. TPS40041EVM-001 is designed to demonstrate the TPS40041 in a typical regulated bus to low-voltage application while providing a number of test points to evaluate the performance of the TPS40041 in a given application. The EVM can be modified to support output voltages from 0.9 V to 2.5 V by changing a single set resistor.

  • 3.0 V to 5.5 V input range
  • 1.8 V fixed output, adjustable with single resistor
  • 6 ADC steady state output current (3 A at 3.3 V input)
  • 600 kHz switching frequency (fixed by TPS40041)
  • Single SO-8 dual MOSFET for both main switch and synchronous rectifier
  • Double sided 2 layer PCB with all components on top side
  • Active converter uses less than 1 square inch < 1.0" x 1.0"
  • Convenient test points for probing switching waveforms and non-invasive loop response testing
TPS40040 具有低引脚数的 2.25V 至 5.5V 输入电压、300kHz 同步降压控制器 TPS40041 具有低引脚数的 2.25V 至 5.5V 输入电压、600kHz 同步降压控制器
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TPS40041EVM-001 — TPS40041 5V 输入、1.8V 输出、6A 评估模块

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