C5517 评估模块 (EVM)




The TMDSEVM5517is a general purpose evaluation module which includes all the hardware and software needed to evaluate the C5517 DSP. The C5517 DSP is a highly integrated solution offered in a simple package to reduce cost and development time. This solution provides nearly doubles the performance of previous generation of ultra-low power DSP devices while delivering power optimization to support longer battery life. This EVM allows quick and easy evaluation of the advanced capabilities of the C5517 DSP. The kit has an on-board (XDS100) emulator for full course-level debug capability and supports Code Composer Studio™ (CCStudio) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) version 5.x and DSP/BIOS™ kernel. The full contents of the EVM include C5517 board, CCStudio IDE Rev. 5.x, and an out-of-the-box peripheral demos.


The TMS320C5517 delivers high-performance and an expanded peripheral set at low power to meet the needs of audio and video analytic applications. With 200MHz performance and less than .45mW of stand -by power, vs previous C55x product generations, the C5517 provides a foundation for a range of signal processing applications, including analytics, medical, mission critical, and radio applications. In addition, it adds multiple enhanced peripheral options including McSPI, McBSP, MMC/SD, USB, ADC and UHPI. All of these features can be tested and explored on the C5517 EVM.

Features of the C5517 EVM include:

  • C5517 ultra-low power DSP
  • TPS65023 power management IC
  • MSP430F5529 MCU
  • 2× AIC3204 audio codecs
  • On-board emulation (XDS510 class)
  • 128 Mb SDRAM Full documentation with source code on CD-ROM
  • Printed documents
    • C5517 Quick Start Guide
  • Miscellaneous
    • Power supply with international adapters
    • 2× USB cables
    • 1× 3.5-mm AUX cable


Designers can readily target the TMS320C5517 DSPs through TI's robust and comprehensive Code Composer Studio IDE, including:

  • A complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • An efficient optimizing C/C++ compiler assembler and linker
  • Debugger
  • Source code editor
  • Project management system
Target software includes:
  • DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel
  • Free, integrated software framework for USB audio class 1 and HID applications, including an out-of-the-box demo.
  • Chip Support Library with extensive examples for chip and peripheral usage, including McBSP, McSPI and UHPI.
数字信号处理器 (DSP)
TMS320C5517 低功耗 C55x 定点 DSP- 高达 200MHz、USB、LCD 接口、FFT HWA、SAR ADC
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TMDSEVM5517 — C5517 评估模块 (EVM)

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CCSTUDIO Code Composer Studio™ 集成式开发环境 (IDE)


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