目标开发板 (MSP-TS430PW20) 和 MSP-FET 捆绑包(不包括微控制器)




  • Note: This kit does not include MSP430FR2xx microcontroller samples. To sample the compatible devices, please visit the product page or select the related MCU after adding the tool to the TI Store cart:

The MSP-FET430U20 bundle combines two debugging tools that support the 20-pin PW package for the MSP430FR23x microcontroller (e.g. MSP430FR2311PW20). These two tools include:

While these two debugging tools can be purchased individually, the bundle is a convenient way to purchase them both together. (Notice, though, that you must provide the appropriate MSP microcontroller in order to use this microcontroller development system.)

The MSP-TS430PW20 microcontroller development board is often referred to as a “Target Socket” board, where the term “target” refers to the microcontroller CPU under development. This board provides a ZIF (zero insertion force) socket, allowing the user to debug a MSP microcontroller target device; the actual MSP device must be obtained separately by purchasing or sampling it.

The Target Socket board provides an integral step in the development process between initial discovery and working with a  custom board.

  1. Most users begin their discovery and experimentation of an MSP microcontroller using one of TI’s many LaunchPad microcontroller development kits (e.g. MSP-EXP430FR4133, MSP-EXP430FR2311). With a wide variety of add-on BoosterPacks, the LaunchPad ecosystem provides an easy way to rapidly prototype application solutions. Convenient as they are, at some point users will outgrow the LaunchPad – just like they would any standard evaluation module (EVM) – since pinouts are partially pre-configured on these boards.
  2. Target Socket boards provide full access to the microcontroller pins, while still providing convenient debugger access using TI’s debug probes, such as the MSP-FET. This makes it easy to take prototyping to the next level. Even when custom hardware has already been developed, these boards are often used to validate software on a “known good target system”. Finally, the LaunchPad kits usually include a “superset” device, which contains the largest number of peripheral and memory for a given device family. The Target Socket boards allow users to validate code on the specific device selected for their production system.
  3. The final development step usually involves moving software/firmware development to custom hardware developed specifically for production of an end-product. If your custom hardware utilizes the recommended debugging port, the MSP-FET can continue to be used to debug and validate firmware on the final production hardware. (See the MSP Debuggers Users Guide (SLAU647) for more information on how to utilize the 14-pin connector, JTAG 4-wire, or 2-wire (Spy Bi-Wire) JTAG debugging interfaces.)

Unlike the LaunchPads, the Target Socket boards do not include their own emulation debugger interfaces. A 14-pin debug socket is included, though, which makes it easy to connect the MSP-FET debugger probe. The MSP-FET – once plugged into the debug socket –provides an easy way to connect your MSP microcontroller (placed into the ZIF socket on the Target Socket board) to your computer or browser running an integrated development environment (IDE), such as Code Composer Studio or IAR Embedded Workbench. The MSP-FET allows the IDE to write code into the MSP FRAM or Flash non-volatile memory. Besides writing memory, the MSP-FET provides access to a wide variety of other debugging features: breakpoints, single-stepping code, watching variables, as well as utilizing TI’s EnergyTrace™ Technology.

MSP430 微控制器
MSP430FR2000 具有 0.5KB FRAM、0.5KB SRAM、比较器、UART/SPI 和计时器的 16MHz MCU MSP430FR2100 具有 1KB FRAM、0.5KB SRAM、比较器、10 位 ADC、UART/SPI 和计时器的 16MHz MCU MSP430FR2310 具有 2KB FRAM、运算放大器、TIA、比较器、DAC 和 10 位 ADC 的 16MHz 集成模拟微控制器
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MSP-FET430U20 — MSP-FET + MSP-TS430PW20 FRAM 微控制器开发套件包(不包含微控制器)


MSP430FR231x Code Examples (Rev. E) — SLAC708E.ZIP (417KB)

应遵守 TI 的评估模块标准条款与条件.


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MSP-EXP430FR2311 MSP430FR2311 LaunchPad™ 开发套件 MSP-EXP430FR4133 MSP430FR4133 LaunchPad™ 开发套件


CCSTUDIO Code Composer Studio™ 集成式开发环境 (IDE) IAR-KICKSTART IAR Embedded Workbench


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