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Code Composer Essentials (CCE) has merged withCode Composer Studio v4 to bring development for all TI's embedded processors (including MSP430) under a single IDE.

It is recommended that existing users of CCE v3 upgrade toCode Composer Studio v4 or higher to get the latest features and devices support. You won't have to learn to use a new IDE because both CCE and CCS are based onEclipse so the look and feel is nearly identical.

For more information, visit www.ti.com/ccs.


Code Compose Essentials v3.1 SR1 integrated development environment reduces development time and optimizes the performance for MSP430 applications. Based on the Eclipse 3.2 platform, CCE allows you to leverage hundreds of plug-ins to accelerate your development from www.eclipseplugincentral.com.

Code Composer Essential's fully integrated Host Tools include:
  • MSP430 C compiler, assembler and linker
  • Source Code Debugger
  • Integrated Visual Project Manager
  • Hardware and virtual breakpoints
  • Integrated editior
Enhancements in v3.1 SR1 (also see release notes):
  • New, certified USB drivers for eZ430-F2013 and MSP-FET430UIF USB emulators
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The new USB drivers may prevent proper operation of older MSP430 development software. Therefore, all 3rd party tools have to updated as well.
  • Updated CMD and header files for MSP430F54x and other MSP430 derivatives
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: You may have to replace the CMD file in your CCE project with the new version that comes with CCE v3.1 SR1
  • Support for new MSP430 derivatives:
    • CC430F5xx and CC430F6xx
    • MSP430F41x2
    • MSP430F47x
    • MSP430FG47x
    • MSP430F471xx
Enhancements in v3.1 (also see release notes):
  • Significant code size improvements - ~10% smaller code vs CCE v3.0
  • Increased ease-of-use
    • New Welcome Screen simplifies usage for new users (requires Flash player)
    • Simplified tool bars
  • Advanced embedded emulation with more pre-defined breakpoint cases
  • Global register option - reserve registers R4 & R5 for direct use
  • Updated C-code syntax (additional intrinsics supported):
    • data16_write_addr
    • data16_read_addr
    • set_R4/R5_register
    • get_R4/R5_register
    • low_power_mode_0/1/2/3/4
    • low_power_mode_off_on_exit
    • delay_cycles
  • New default setting for “printf” allows usage on small devices
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes
Support Software
  • Code Composer Essentials v3.1 Service Pack (updates CCE v3 to CCE v3.1) (Rev. E) (slac135e.zip, 69095 KB)
    25 Jul 2008 zip

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