用于 LP855X 的 Linux 驱动程序



The Linux driver supports the LP855x Backlight Driver. The Linux driver supports communication through the I2C bus and interfaces with the backlight sub-system.


Linux Mainline Status

Available in Linux Main line: Yes
Available through git.ti.com: N/A

Supported Devices:

  • lp8550
  • lp8551
  • lp8552
  • lp8553
  • lp8555
  • lp8556
  • lp8557


Linux Source Files

The files associated with this device are:

  1. drivers/video/backlight/lp855x_bl.c
  2. Documentation/devicetree/bindings/video/backlight/lp855x.txt
  3. include/linux/platform_data/lp855x.h
  4. Documentation/backlight/lp855x-driver.txt

Source Files


Linux Device Tree Documenation


Other Files



Enabling Driver Support

Configure kernel with "make menuconfig" (alternatively use "make xconfig" or"make nconfig")

Menuconfig Location

Symbol: BACKLIGHT_LP855X [=y]Type  : tristatePrompt: Backlight driver for TI LP855X  Location:    -> Device Drivers      -> Graphics support        -> Backlight & LCD device support (BACKLIGHT_LCD_SUPPORT [=y])          -> Lowlevel Backlight controls (BACKLIGHT_CLASS_DEVICE [=y])  Defined at drivers/video/backlight/Kconfig:386  Depends on: HAS_IOMEM [=y] && BACKLIGHT_LCD_SUPPORT [=y] && BACKLIGHT_CLASS_DEVICE [=y] && I2C [=y] && PWM [=y]

Fixes and Code Enhancements


If there are fixes and or code enhancements that need to be added to thisdriver please either1. Send the patches to the relevant Linux Kernel community as listed in the maintainers file located: Hereor2.  Contact your TI representative.


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