DRV8662/DRV2665/DRV2667 设计计算工具




The DRV8662/DRV2665/DRV2667 Design Equation document assists the user in the design phase by calculating the driver hardware configuration based off of user-defined input parameters. The DRV8662/2665/2667 is a piezo haptic driver with integrated 105 V boost switch, integrated power diode, and integrated fully-differential amplifier.  These versatile devices are capable of driving both high-voltage and low-voltage piezo haptic actuators.  The DRV2665/7 adds in a digital front end via an I2C compatible bus that relieves the costly processor burden of PWM generation or additional analog channel requirements in the host system.  Finally, the DRV2667 has an internal waveform memory that further relieves the host processor of haptic generation duties.

  • Piezo actuator model recommendation
  • Boost voltage and forward voltage calculation
  • Feedback resistor and boost current limit resistor values calculation
  • Current requirements approximation
  • Input capacitor and output capacitor capability calculation



DRV8662, DRV2665, and DRV2667 Design Equations (Rev. A) SLOR113A.ZIP (209KB)

发布日期: 21-Aug-2014
DRV2665 Haptic driver for piezo with integrated 105-V boost converter and DAC DRV2667 Haptic driver for piezo with integrated 105-V boost converter, waveform memory & DAC DRV8662 Haptic driver for piezo with integrated 105-V boost converter in QFN package


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