PHYTER® 工业温度单端口10 100 Mbs 以太网物理层收发器




Thank you for your interest in our DP83848 10/100Mbps Ethernet Physical Layer (PHYTER) Power Over Ethernet (POE) Media Attachment Unit (MAU) Evaluation Kit (EVK). The PHYTER POE MAU is a Full featured DP83848 board, and supporting circuitry, to provide robust Ethernet network connection in a Power Over Ethernet network. The board may be configured to draw power from the network cables, when connected to POE compliant Power Supply Equipment (PSE). The board provides wire speed, half- and full-duplex, 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Ethernet connection capability when connected via the MII/RMII of an IEEE 802.3 compliant Media Access Controller (MAC). In addition, the board provides the ability to take advantage of some of the advanced features of the DP83848 products, such as Energy Detect. When accompanied with National's Integrity tool, a user may also use this card for advanced link analysis and a number of other device capabilities.

以太网 PHY
DP83848-EP 增强型产品 PHYTER 极端温度单端口 10/100Mb/s 以太网物理层 DP83848C 支持 SNI 接口和 JTAG、具有商业级温度范围的 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY 收发器 DP83848H 采用 40 引脚 QFN 封装、支持工作温度范围的 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY 收发器 DP83848I 支持 SNI 和 JTAG 接口、具有工业级温度范围的 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY 收发器 DP83848J 采用 40 引脚 QFN 封装且具有商业级温度范围的 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY 收发器 DP83848K 采用 40 引脚 QFN 封装且具有工业级温度范围的 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY 收发器 DP83848M 具有 25MHz 时钟输出和商业级温度范围的 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY 收发器 DP83848T 具有 25MHz 时钟输出和工业级温度范围的 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY 收发器 DP83848VYB 具有 JTAG 接口的高温低功耗 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY 收发器 DP83848YB 具有 JTAG 接口、支持工作温度范围的 10/100Mbps 以太网 PHY 收发器
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DP83848I-POE-EK — PHYTER® 工业温度单端口10 100 Mbs 以太网物理层收发器

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证书 DP83848I-POE-EK EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 2019年 1月 2日
应用手册 DP83848I PHYTER Single to DP83848K/T PHYTER Mini System Rollover Document (Rev. B) 2013年 4月 26日


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