CC2538 开发套件
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The CC2538 development kit provides a complete hardware performance test platform and generic software development environment for the ARM Cortex M3-based, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant CC2538 system-on-chip from Texas Instruments. The kit includes two CC2538 RF evaluation modules (CC2538EM), two general purpose development boards (SmartRF06EB) for software and hardware prototyping, one CC2531 USB dongle for packet sniffing, cables, and documentation to get you up and running with the CC2538 quickly and easily.

The CC2538 evaluation modules can be used as reference modules for prototyping and for verifying the performance of the CC2538 RF IC. In combination with SmartRF06EB and SmartRF Studio, you have a complete set of tools for measuring RF parameters and more generally evaluate the RF performance of the chip. SmartRF Studio can generate register values and set up the radio to send and receive packets, set up a continuous wave signal and read the received signal strength (RSSI).

The SmartRF06EB has integrated the XDS100v3 debug probe, so no additional hardware tools are required for debugging of software running on the devices. The debug probe is compatible with Code Composer Studio and IAR Embedded Workbench. Other JTAG probes that support ARM Cortex M3 devices, like JLink from Segger and I-jet from IAR, can also be used to download and debug software on the CC2538.

The CC2538EM boards come pre-programmed with a Packet Error Rate test, which can be used for practical range testing of the radio. Texas Instruments' ZigBee stack (Z-Stack) is of course also available for the kit.

  • 2 x SmartRF06 Evaluation Boards
  • 2 x CC2538 Evaluation Modules
  • 1 x CC2531 USB Dongle (for packet sniffing)
  • Cables
  • Documentation

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CC2538 Development Kit



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软件开发 (5)

名称 器件型号 软件类型
适用于无线连接的 Code Composer Studio (CCS) 集成开发环境 (IDE)  CCSTUDIO-WCS  IDE、配置、编译器和调试器 
CC2538 基础固件  CC2538-SW  固件 
SmartRF 闪存编程器  FLASH-PROGRAMMER  编程工具 
Z-Stack - ZigBee 协议栈  Z-STACK  驱动程序和库 

设计工具和仿真 (1)

名称 器件型号 工具类型
SmartRF Studio Download  SMARTRFTM-STUDIO  计算工具 

硬件开发 (3)

名称 器件型号 工具类型
CC2531 USB 评估模块套件  CC2531EMK  子卡 
CC2538 评估模块套件  CC2538EMK  子卡 
SmartRF06 评估板  SMARTRF06EBK  评估板 

参考设计 (1)

名称 器件型号 工具类型
CC2538EM 参考设计  CC2538EM-RD  参考设计 

TI 器件 (1)

器件型号 名称 产品系列
CC2538  具有 512kB 闪存和 32kB RAM 的 32 位 Arm Cortex-M3 Zigbee 和 6LoWPAN、IEEE 802.15.4 无线 MCU  SimpleLink 解决方案 



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