CC2510/CC2511 Development Kit
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The development kit is designed to help the user to achieve his/hers objectives as quickly as possible.

Evaluate the CC2510Fx and CC2511Fx. Right out of the box, the user can do range testing (PER testing) and transfer data from one PC to another using the development kit. This enables the user to quickly find out how well the CC2510Fx/CC2511Fx fit the intended application. A number of demonstration applications serve to highlight the innovative features of the SmartRF®04 ICs.

Perform RF measurements. Using SmartRF® Studio, the user can configure the radio ICs with parameters that suit the intended application and easily measure sensitivity output power and other RF parameters.

Develop a prototype. By programming the CC2510Fx/CC2511Fx and utilizing the various peripherals included on the Evaluation Board, the user can easily make a prototype of the intended application. All signals are brought out on 0.1 pin-row connectors so easy connection of other required circuitry is possible. These connectors are also compatible with Agilent logic analyzer probes for easy debugging.

A CC2511F32-based dongle is included to prototype USB-based applications.


A complete development kit containing:

  • 2 SmartRF®04 evaluation boards
  • 2 CC2510EM evaluation modules
  • 1 CC2511EM USB dongle
  • Antennas
  • Cables
  • Technical documentation and the SmartRF®Studio software can be downloaded from the web. The SmartRF®04 evaluation boards connect to a PC via USB, and can also operate stand-alone.
  • IAR EW8051 C-compiler with C-SPY debugger (30+30 days evaluation license.)
    The CC2510-CC2511DK is supported by the IAR EW8051 C-compiler, which is used with the MAC and application examples. The C-SPY debugger is used as emulator interface. Both the C-compiler and the C-SPY debugger are included in the development kit as 30-days evaluation licenses. By registrering the compiler with IAR, a 30-day extension of the license will be given.

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CC2510/CC2511 Development Kit



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应用手册 (1)
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PDF 490 2009年 3月 24日
用户指南 (8)
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ZIP 269 2011年 9月 1日
PDF 840 2010年 9月 2日
PDF 2239 2009年 7月 31日
PDF 552 2009年 5月 11日
PDF 1517 2007年 12月 14日
ZIP 371 2007年 10月 9日
ZIP 761 2006年 12月 6日
PDF 409 2006年 1月 30日
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PDF 38 2019年 1月 2日
ZIP 1316 2009年 12月 1日

软件开发 (4)

名称 器件型号 软件类型
SmartRF 闪存编程器  FLASH-PROGRAMMER  编程工具 
符合 SimpliciTI 的协议堆栈  SIMPLICITI  驱动程序和库 

设计工具和仿真 (2)

名称 器件型号 工具类型
SmartRF Studio Download  SMARTRFTM-STUDIO  计算工具 
SmartRF 协议软件包监听器  PACKET-SNIFFER  计算工具 

TI 器件 (4)

器件型号 名称 产品系列
CC2510  2.4GHz 无线电收发器、8051 MCU 和 16KB 或 32KB 存储器  无线连接 
CC2510F8  2.4GHz 无线电收发器、8051 MCU 和 8kB 闪存  无线连接 
CC2511  2.4GHz 无线电收发器、8051 MCU、16KB 或 32KB 闪存和全速 USB 接口  无线连接 
CC2511F8  2.4GHz 无线电收发器、8051 MCU、8kB 闪存和全速 USB 接口  无线连接 



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