C2000 数字控制库



The C2000 Digital Control Library (DCL) provides a suite of robust software functions for developers of digital control applications using the Texas Instruments C2000 MCU platform. All the functions in the library are supplied in the form of C or assembly source code. Version 3.0 of the DCL contains 167 controller and supporting functions. Ten different types of controller are represented: five PID types, and five “Direct Form” types. The library also contains linear and non-linear gain schedulers. Supporting functions fall into three groups: data logging, performance measurement, and transient capture. The library includes a set of example projects which illustrate how DCL functions might be applied in a user project, and a Simulink block-set.
  • Supports all C28x CPUs
    • C28x fixed-point
    • C28x floating-point
    • CLA
  • 'OneMCU' compliant
  • Supports COFF & EABI compilers
  • Rigorously tested
  • Deployed in C2000Ware

  • Controllers
    • Linear PID, PI, PI2
    • Nonlinear PID, PI
    • Direct Form compensators
    • Gain scheduler
  • Data log functions
    • Performance measurement
    • Transient capture module
  • Code examples
  • MathWorks Simulink models
  • Documentation
    • In C2000Ware installation at \libraries\control\DCL\c28\docs

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软件开发套件 (SDK)
C2000WARE 适用于 C2000 MCU 的 C2000Ware


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