Evaluation Module for BQ500211 Qi Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter Manager



The bqTESLA wireless power transmitter evaluation module (EVM) from Texas Instruments is a high-performance, easy-to-use development module for the design of wireless power solutions. The single-channel transmitter enables designers to speed the development of their end-applications. The EVM provides all basic functions of Qi-compliant, wireless WPC A5 type charger pad. The EVM is intended to be used with bq51013AEVM-764, -765 or any other Qi-compliant receiver. The bq500211EVM-045 is a 5V input design which will power a standard WPC low power 5W receiver. Availability of the bq500211EVM-045 is limited.

  • Supports Wireless Power Solutions Operating from 5V Input
  • Intelligent Control of the Power Transfer between Base Station and Mobile Device
  • Conforms to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Wireless Power Transfer 1.0 Specifications
  • Demodulates and Decodes WPC Complaint Message Packets from the Power Receiving Device
  • Implements closed-loop Power Transfer PID Control by varying frequency of the Voltage on the Transmitting Coil
  • Operating Modes Status Indicator
  • Powers the bq51013EVM-725 Integrated Receiver or any other WPC certified receiver
电池充电器 IC
BQ500211 二代符合 Qi 标准的 5V 无线电源发送器管理器


bq500211 EVM Gerber files SLVC492.ZIP (571 KB)


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EVM 用户指南 bq500211EVM-045 bqTESLA Wireless Power TX EVM User's Guide (Rev. A) 2012年 10月 11日


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