AFE4430 集成可穿戴光学生物传感 AFE,配备 FIFO 和 SPI 评估模块




The AFE44S30 evaluation module (EVM) is a platform for evaluating the AFE44S30 device, which is an analog front end (AFE) for optical biosensing applications, such as heart-rate monitoring (HRM) and saturation of peripheral capillary oxygen (SpO2). AFE44S30 supports eight switching light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and four photodiodes. The current from the photodiode is converted into voltage by the transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and digitized using an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). ADC code can be stored in a 128-sample FIFO with programmable depth. The FIFO depth can be partitioned to accommodate the phases that need to be stored. The FIFO can be read out using a serial peripheral interface (SPI).

AFE44S30 also has a fully-integrated LED driver with an 8-bit current control. The device can be clocked by an external clock or internal oscillator. The device communicates to an external host processor using an SPI.

The purpose of the AFE44S30EVM is to expedite evaluation and system development activities related to the AFE44S30 device.

  • Acquire data at up to 1000 SPS in evaluation mode
  • USB-based power and PC application connectivity
  • Access to all AFE44S30 registers
  • USB-based firmware upgrade option

  • AFE44S30 evaluation module
  • Daughterboard (MHR041)
  • 3 ft USB A male to micro B male cable (3025010-03)
  • HRM SpO2 cable

生物传感 AFE
AFE44S30 用于可穿戴式光学生物传感、具有 FIFO 和 SPI 的超低功耗集成模拟前端 (AFE) AFE49I30 用于可穿戴式光学生物传感、具有 FIFO、I2C 和 ECG 的超低功耗集成 AFE
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Important note

AFE44S30EVM user's guide is available. Request now



AFE44S30EVM — AFE4430 集成可穿戴光学生物传感 AFE,配备 FIFO 和 SPI 评估模块

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