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2.2MHz Wide VIN Non-synchronous Boost/SEPIC/Flyback Controller


封装 | 引脚: DSS | 12
温度: S (-40 to 150)
包装类型: 剪切带
数量 单价
1-9 $2.12
10-24 $1.91
25-99 $1.77
100-249 $1.55
250-499 $1.46
500-749 $1.24
750-999 $1.05
1000+ $1.00


  • AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive Applications
    • Temperature Grade 1: –40°C to+125°C TA
  • Wide Input Operating Range for Car and Portable Battery Applications
    • 3.5-V to 45-V Operating Range
    • 2.97-V to 16-V When BIAS = VCC
    • MinimumBoost Supply Voltage 1.5 V When BIAS ≥ 3.5 V
    • InputTransient Protection up to 50 V
  • Minimized Battery Drain
    • LowShutdown Current (IQ ≤ 2.6 µA )
    • LowOperating Current ( IQ ≤ 480 µA)
  • Small Solution Size and Low Cost
    • Maximum Switching Frequency of 2.2MHz
    • 12-Pin WSONPackage (3 mm × 2 mm) With Wettable Flanks
    • IntegratedError Amplifier Allows Primary-Side Regulation Without Optocoupler (Flyback)
    • Minimized Undershoot During Cranking (Start-stop Application)
  • Higher Efficiency With Low-Power Dissipation
    • 100-mV ±7% Low Current Limit Threshold
    • Strong 1.5-A Peak Standard MOSFET Driver
    • Supports External VCC Supply
  • Avoid AM Band Interference and Crosstalk
    • Optional Clock Synchronization
    • Dynamically ProgrammableSwitching Frequency from 100 kHz to 2.2 MHz
  • Integrated Protection Features
    • Constant Peak Current Limiting Over InputVoltage
    • Optional Hiccup Mode Short-Circuit Protection (seethe Device Comparison Table)
    • Programmable LineUVLO
    • OVP Protection
    • ThermalShutdown
  • Accurate ±1% Accuracy Feedback Reference
  • Programmable Extra Slope Compensation
  • Adjustable Soft Start
  • PGOOD Indicator
  • Create a Custom Design Using the LM5155-Q1 With the WEBENCH® Power Designer

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德州仪器  XLM5155QDSSTQ1

The LM5155-Q1 device is a wide input range, non-synchronous boostcontroller that uses peak current mode control. The device can be used in boost, SEPIC, and flybacktopologies.

The LM5155-Q1 device can start up from a 1-cell battery with a minimum2.97 V. After start-up, the device can operate down to a 1.5-V input by supplying the BIAS pin fromthe boost converter output.

The internal regulator also supports operation up to 45 V (50 V absolute maximum)for automotive load dump. The switching frequency isdynamically programmable with an external resistor from 100 kHz to 2.2 MHz. Switching at 2.2 MHzminimizes AM band interference and allows for a small solution size and fast transientresponse.

The device features a 1.5-A standard MOSFET driver and a low 100-mV current limitthreshold. The device also supports the use of an external VCC supply to improve efficiency. Lowoperating current and pulse skipping operation improve efficiency at light loads.

The device has built-in protection features such as cycle-by-cycle current limit,overvoltage protection, line UVLO, thermal shutdown, and hiccup mode overload protection which isavailable in the LM51551-Q1 device option. Additional features include low shutdownIQ, programmable soft start, programmable slope compensation, precisionreference, power good indicator, and external clock synchronization.