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Automotive local interconnect network transceiver with integrated voltage regulator and watchdog


封装 | 引脚: DMT | 14
温度: Q (-40 to 125)
包装类型: 剪切带
数量 单价
1-9 $1.54
10-24 $1.38
25-99 $1.29
100-249 $1.12
250-499 $1.03
500-749 $0.87
750-999 $0.71
1000+ $0.65


  • AEC Q100: Qualified for Automotive Applications
    • Device Temperature Grade 1:
      –40°C To 125°C TA
  • Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Physical Layer Specification ISO/DIS 17987–4.2 Compliant and Conforms to SAEJ2602 Recommended Practice for LIN
  • Supports 12 V Applications
  • Integrated Watchdog Supervisor Configurable by Pin or SPI
  • Wide Operating Ranges
    • 5.5 V to28 V Supply Voltage
    • ±42 V LIN Bus Fault Protection
    • LDO output supporting 3.3 V (TLIN14413-Q1) or 5 V (TLIN14415-Q1)
    • Sleep Mode:Ultra-Low Current
      Consumption Allows Wake Up Event From:
      • LIN Bus
      • Local Wake Up through EN
      • Local Wake Up through WAKE
    • Power Up and Down Glitch Free Operation
  • Protection Features:
    • ESD Protection
    • Under VoltageProtection on VSUP
    • TXD DominantTime Out (DTO) Protection
    • Thermal ShutdownProtection
    • Unpowered Node or Ground Disconnection Failsafeat System Level
  • VCC sources 125 mA with 12 VSUP at 100°C
  • Available in Leadless VSON (14) Package with Improved Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Capability

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德州仪器  PTLIN14415DMTTQ1

The TLIN1441-Q1 is a LocalInterconnect Network (LIN) physical layer transceiver with an integrated low dropout voltageregulator, wake up and protection features and is compliant to LIN 2.0, LIN 2.1, LIN 2.2, LIN2.2A and ISO/DIS17987–4.2 standards.The TLIN1441-Q1integrates a window or timeout based watchdog supervisor that is PIN or SPI configurable andcontrolled. The TLIN1441-Q1 watchdog is controlled by PIN strapping or SPI depending upon the stateof pin 9 at power up.

LIN is a single-wire bidirectional bus typically used for low speed in-vehicle networksusing data rates up to 20 kbps. The LIN receiver supports data rates up to 100 kbps for end-of-lineprogramming. The TLIN1441-Q1 converts theLIN protocol data stream on the TXD input into a LIN bus signal using a current-limitedwave-shaping driver which reduces electromagnetic emissions (EME). The receiver converts the datastream to logic level signals that are sent to the microprocessor through the open-drain RXDpin.

Ultra-low current consumption is possible using the sleep mode which allows wake up viaLIN bus or pin. The LIN bus has two states: dominant state (voltage near ground) and recessivestate (voltage near battery). In the recessive state, the LIN bus is pulled high by the internalpull-up resistor (45 kΩ) and a series diode. No external pull-up components are required for slaveapplications. Master applications required an external pull-up resistor (1 kΩ) plus a series diodeper the LIN specification.