Pionix GmbH

Open-source software stacks and customized solutions for EV charging systems

PIONIX is a company that wants to accelerate the shift to clean mobility, and the company that initiated EVerest: a Linux-based open source software for AC and DC charging points.

With their deep knowledge of chargers, hardware components and software, PIONIX supports the full software product lifecycle. Under the product name BaseCamp PIONIX provides maintenance, integration and update services for the EVerest system.

This mission of PIONIX is to make sure that your chargers are up and running and ready to charge any car any time.

EVerest integrates all relevant charging standards like OCPP 1.6 and 2.0, ISO 15118, DIN SPEC 70121, EN61851 and all further standards to come. User interfaces and other features can be added to make the charger unique for your customer. EVerest is licensed under Apache 2.0, so can be fully commercialized, with your own additions and features and your own license.

As part of the Linux Foundation Energy, the EVerest community will also implement future requirements like grid relevant mechanisms (such as, dynamic electricity price, load balancing / reduction or smart home).

By using the readily-available EVerest software stack, EV chargers can be brought to market faster and cheaper with reduced risks.

基于 Arm 的处理器
AM623 具有基于 Arm® Cortex®-A53 的对象和手势识别功能的物联网 (IoT) 和网关 SoC AM625 具有基于 Arm® Cortex®-A53 的边缘 AI 和全高清双显示的人机交互 SoC
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操作系统 (OS)

PIONX-3P-SW-EVSE — 适用于电动汽车 (EV) 充电站的 PIONIX® EVerest 开源操作系统

EVerest 是一款基于 Linux 的开源软件,适用于交流和直流充电点。

EVerest 将集成所有相关的充电标准,如 OCPP 1.6 和 2.0、ISO 15118、DIN SPEC 70121、EN61851 以及即将出台的所有进一步标准。可以添加用户界面和其他功能,为客户提供独特的充电器。EVerest 根据 Apache 2.0 获得许可,因此完全可通过添加您自己的功能和许可证实现商业化!


作为 Linux Foundation Energy 的一部分,EVerest 社区还将实施未来的要求,例如电网相关机制(例如动态电价、负载平衡/负载降低或智能家居)。

通过使用现成的 (...)


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