B Secur

Heart health technology & algorithm company

B-Secur is a heart health technology company.

Founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we are on a mission to save and improve millions of lives each year by advancing heart health technology that brings greater clarity to EKG interpretation with better data and deeper insights.

We spent many years immersed in deep scientific research in EKG biometric security. This led us on a unique journey to develop heart health technology and drive better health outcomes for future generations.

Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of our innovation as the world of medical technology and consumer devices converge.

We have created HeartKey® 2.0, a suite of powerful EKG algorithms and analytics that enhances signal clarity, reduces signal noise, and delivers FDA-cleared health data with actionable wellness insights.

We partner with world-leading technology companies reducing time to market for next generation medical and consumer devices and platforms.

Our expertise in EKG coupled with deep experience in hardware, software and science enables our partners to tackle the fundamental healthcare issues of today.

生物传感 AFE
AFE4500 用于生物阻抗分析和电、光学生物传感的集成模拟前端 (AFE) AFE4950 适用于可穿戴设备、光学心率监测和 SpO2 的超小型集成式 AFE AFE49I30 用于可穿戴式光学生物传感、具有 FIFO、I2C 和 ECG 的超低功耗集成 AFE
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BSECUR-3P-ALGORITHMS — B SECUR ECG Algorithms and Electrode Design Services

HeartKey 是一套功能强大的精确 ECG 算法,可随时集成到下一代低功耗低内存消费类/IoT 和医疗设备中,如智能手表、智能服装、医疗、汽车、智能家居设备和手持设备。HeartKey 可提供有关用户 ID、保健与健康的高级功能,由内部专家经多年研究后开发出来,这套独特算法包括获 FDA 批准的心律失常分析。请在此处查看 HeartKey 算法集的完整列表:https://www.b-secur.com/partners/texas-instruments

通过将 HeartKey® 与 TI 的 AFE4950 (...)


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