SNVA067D April   2013  – August 2022 LM3478 , LM3481 , LM3488


  1.   AN-1286 Compensation for the LM3478 Boost Controller
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Overview
  4. 2Error Amplifier
  5. 3Total Loop Gain
  6. 4Stability
  7. 5Putting It Together
  8. 6Revision History

AN-1286 Compensation for the LM3478 Boost Controller

The LM3478 is a low side N-Channel controller for switching regulators. Like many switching controllers, the added flexibility in component selection can cause problems for users when determining the compensation scheme. It is the goal of this application report to present a decent groundwork to allow the reader to select with confidence the correct compensation components. To achieve this we look at the small signal models for the feedback loop to determine how each component interacts and eventually calculate the desired compensation.