SNOAA65 December   2020 TLV9022


  1.   Introduction
  2.   Design Process
    1.     Voltage Regulation
    2.     Undervoltage Protection With Hysteresis
    3.     Overcurrent Protection
    4.     Final Considerations
    5.     Simulation Results
  3.   Design References
  4.   Design Featured Comparator
  5.   Design Alternate Comparator


As E-Bikes and other battery assisted vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in major cities, it is important to maintain electrical safety when designing with high-voltage, lithium-ion batteries. To safely operate such a battery, the discharge current rate and battery voltage level must be monitored. Undervoltage protection is crucial when using lithium-ion batteries because if the battery is discharged below its rated value, the battery will become damaged and potentially pose a safety hazard. In addition to undervoltage protection, it is important to ensure that the battery is discharging a safe current value. Combining undervoltage protection and overcurrent protection will ensure safe operation of the 48-V battery.