SNLU314 June   2022 OPA818


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Features
  4. 2Power Connections
  5. 3Operating Modes
    1. 3.1 Single-Supply Operation
    2. 3.2 Split-Supply Configuration
  6. 4Input and Output Configurations
  7. 5Differences Between DTK and DRG Packages
  8. 6Schematic
  9. 7Layout


The DEM-OPA-DTK-EVM is a demonstration fixture that helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of TI's high speed, wide bandwidth operational amplifiers. This unpopulated PC board is compatible with single channel amplifier products offered in the 8-pin SON (DTK and DRG) packages. The board is designed to accommodate multiple amplifier configurations to allow for maximum flexibility and ease of use.