SLOA244B May   2017  – March 2019 RF430CL330H , RF430CL331H


  1.   Frequently asked questions for RF430CL33xH devices
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    2. 1 General Questions
      1. 1.1 What protocols do the RF430CL33xH devices support?
      2. 1.2 Are the RF430CL33xH devices NFC Forum compliant?
      3. 1.3 What is the NDEF message format?
      4. 1.4 What evaluation hardware should i get to evaluate the RF430CL33xH Devices?
        1. 1.4.1 RF430CL330H evaluation hardware
        2. 1.4.2 RF430CL331H evaluation hardware
      5. 1.5 What TI NFC reader/writer hardware and software is required to communicate with the RF430CL33xH?
      6. 1.6 How do i read data from the RF430CL33xH?
      7. 1.7 How do I format or change data that is stored on the RF430CL33xH?
    3. 2 Differences Between the RF430CL330H and RF430CL331H Devices
      1. 2.1 Size for over-the-air data transmission
      2. 2.2 Required microcontroller management
      3. 2.3 Serial communication options
      4. 2.4 Recommend applications
    4. 3 Hardware and Design Questions
      1. 3.1 Where can I get schematics and layout files for the RF430CL33xH?
      2. 3.2 How do I design and tune an antenna to 13.56 MHz for the RF430CL33xH devices?
      3. 3.3 What reference designs are available for the RF430CL33xH devices?
      4. 3.4 What memory technology do the RF430CL33xH devices use?
    5. 4 Software Questions
      1. 4.1 What software examples are available for the RF430CL33xH devices?
        1. 4.1.1 RF430CL330H firmware examples
        2. 4.1.2 RF430CL331H firmware examples
      2. 4.2 Is there a software example for Wi-Fi® pairing and handover?
      3. 4.3 Is there a software example for RTOS?
    6. 5 Miscellaneous Questions
      1. 5.1 Why does a passively powered RF430CL33xH device not work with Android phones, but it does work with TI NFC reader kits?
    7. 6 References
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Frequently asked questions for RF430CL33xH devices

This guide contains a compilation of frequently asked questions concerning the RF430CL33xH series of devices. It serves as a central resource for anyone evaluating or designing with the RF430CL33xH devices. This guide includes links to recommended evaluation modules, reference designs, firmware examples, and other collateral that is relevant for the RF430CL33xH family.