SNAU273 December   2022 LMX2820


  1.   Abstract
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  3. 1Introduction
  4. 2SYNC Category
  5. 3SYNC Examples
    1. 3.1 Category 1 SYNC Example
    2. 3.2 Category 2 SYNC Example
    3. 3.3 Category 3 SYNC Example
  6. 4Other Considerations When Using SYNC
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In applications such as phase array antenna where the phases of multiple synthesizers must be aligned, it would be beneficial if each synthesizer can phase-align its output and input without complex and time-precision circuitry. The LMX2820 is one of the RF synthesizers in TI's product portfolio that can support phase synchronization.

In this user's guide, we will explain the theory of phase synchronization, the limitations of phase synchronization, and demonstrate how to set up synchronization in a step-by-step guide.