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TI Designs for microcontrollers, processors, and wireless connectivity platforms


快速开始系统设计并加快产品推向市场的步伐。查找采用了 TI 最佳技术的有关微控制器、处理器和无线连接平台的参考设计。

所有的 TI Designs 包括:

  • 综合设计包括原理图、测试数据和设计文件
  • 由具备渊博系统和产品知识的专家制作
  • 内容覆盖 TI 产品系列

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Sub-1GHz Wireless Long Range Reference Design with CC1120 (868 to 915 MHz)

Use this reference design to test the longest range solution from TI for your Internet of Things applications. The tool for 868 to 915 MHz uses the CC1120DK, with crystal on the evaluation module is replaced by a TCXO, with a SW solution optimized for narrowband long range communication.

By Texas Instruments