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Optimizing C/C++ compilers for microcontroller, processor, and wireless connectivity platforms

TI 提供一套用于可编程嵌入式处理器的优化 C/C++ 编译器。这些编译器可生成在性能和代码大小方面高度优化的代码,最大限度发挥出器件功能。TI 编译器作为 Code Composer Studio 集成开发环境的一部分进行提供,或可单独进行下载。

访问 TI 代码生成工具 - C/C++ 编译器和汇编语言工具

要通过 CCS 访问编译器,请访问 Code Composer Studio 工具文件夹。

C/C++ compiler chip


TI compilers provide visual tools to assist with optimizing for performance, code size and power consumption. These tools generate advice on how to improve code to better utilize the features of your specific device. Specific features include:


TI compilers are extremely robust and heavily tested, making them suitable for use in safety-critical applications including ISO26262.

适用于 TI DSP 的 OpenCL 和 OpenMP

TI supports OpenCL and OpenMP on SoCs, like KeyStone II, Sitara AM57x, and multicore KeyStone C66x devices. These standard programming models make it easy to distribute computation so the full capabilities of these powerful devices can be realized.

TI 代码生成工具包括适用于多个指令集架构的 C/ C++ 编译器和汇编语言工具。这些工具可在 Windows、Linux 和 macOS 上运行,且可免费下载。