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New articles

Maximizing power density and thermal performance in power-module designs

The DC/DC buck controller with external MOSFETs is compared to converter solutions with integrated MOSFETs.

Selecting the right amplifier for shunt‐based, phase‐current sensing in 3‐phase

This article describes several configurations for using isolated and non-isolated amplifiers in shunt-sensing control for industrial motor drives.

Improving battery life in wearable patient monitors and medical patches

This article highlights different power schemes that can improve battery life in wearable patient monitors and medical patches.

The impact of a balun on the second harmonic of an RF DAC

The focus of this article is on magnitude and phase imbalance and how they affect an RF DAC’s second-harmonic (HD2) performance.

Multimode control for a four‐switch buck‐boost converter

This article introduces a multimode control method that can reduce switching losses and improve efficiency for a four-switch buck-boost converter.

Featured authors

featured author robert taylor

Robert Taylor

I enjoy extending my knowledge and teaching newer engineers by removing design obstacles in their path.

featured author collin wells

Collin Wells

[While enrolled at University of Texas at Dallas] I was involved in robotics and tutoring. My hobbies include gardening, fishing and fixing small and large engine machinery.

featured author tommy neu

Tommy Neu

My favorite thing about engineering is creating solutions that haven’t been done before.

featured author t.k. chin

T.K. Chin

As a boy, I liked to learn from electricians when they fixed problems and liked to take my toys a part. Having a mindset of problem solving and a do-it-myself attitude made me a perfect fit as an engineer.

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