AM437x 入门套件

(正在供货) TMDXSK437X






The AM437x Starter Kit provides a stable and affordable platform to quickly start evaluation of Sitara™ ARM® Cortex®-A9 AM437x Processors (AM4376, AM4378) and accelerate development for HMI, industrial and networking applications. It is a low-cost development platform based on the ARM Cortex-A9 processor that is integrated with options such as Dual Gigabit Ethernet, DDR3L, Camera and Capacitive Touch Screen LCD.

At speeds up to 1 GHz, the AM437x Starter Kit accelerates designs with a ready-for-production hardware and software platform. This "best value" board offers the ability to quickly evaluate the features of the processor and accompanying TI components, taking the guess work out of the hardware design and allowing both experienced and novice designers to focus on product differentiation such as advanced graphics and connectivity.

Hardware Software Connectivity
  • AM4378 ARM Cortex-A9 Processor
  • 1GB DDR3L
  • TPS65218 Power management IC
  • 4.3" capacitive touch screen LCD
  • On board camera module
  • 64 MB QSPI-NOR flash
  • Connector for Wilink8
  • Linux
  • Gigabit Ethernet (2)
  • Micro SD Card (1)
  • USB2.0 Dual Role/Host (1/1)
  • Audio in/out

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AM437x Starter Kit




Linux Processor SDK for AM437x



TI's Standard Terms and Conditions for Evaluation Modules apply.

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软件 (1)

名称 器件型号 软件类型
适用于 AM437X Sitara™ 处理器的处理器 SDK  PROCESSOR-SDK-AM437X  软件开发套件 (SDK) 

开发工具 (3)

名称 器件型号 工具类型
Clock Tree Tool for Sitara™ ARM® Processors  CLOCKTREETOOL  计算工具 
用于 ARM® 和 F2837xD 微控制器的引脚复用实用程序  PINMUXTOOL  计算工具 
Code Composer Studio (CCS) 集成开发环境 (IDE)  CCSTUDIO  软件开发工具、IDE、编译器 

设计套件与评估模块 (2)

名称 器件型号 工具类型
AM437x 工业开发套件 (IDK)  TMDSIDK437X  开发套件 
AM437x 评估模块  TMDSEVM437X  评估模块和开发板 

参考设计 (3)

名称 Part Number 工具类型
使用 AM437x 的 QSPI-NOR 参考设计  TIDEP0016  TI designs
使用 AM437x 而不具有 VTT 终端的 DDR3 参考设计  TIDEP0012  TI designs
嵌入式 USB 2.0 参考设计  TIDEP0013  TI designs

TI 器件 (5)

器件型号 名称 产品系列
AM4372  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 微处理器 (MPU)  Arm Cortex-A9 
AM4376  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 微处理器 (MPU)  Arm Cortex-A9 
AM4377  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 微处理器 (MPU)  Arm Cortex-A9 
AM4378  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 微处理器 (MPU)  Arm Cortex-A9 
AM4379  AM437x ARM Cortex-A9 微处理器 (MPU)  Arm Cortex-A9