XDS110 EnergyTrace™ 高动态范围 (ETHDR) 调试探针插件

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XDS110 Energy Trace HDR



The Texas Instruments XDS110 EnergyTrace™ High Dynamic Range (ETHDR) is an accessory to the XDS110 Debug Probe (emulator) that increases the Dynamic Range of the Energy Trace feature. This allows performing very accurate power consumption measurements on all Simplelink Wireless MCUs while still using the same well known user interface. This makes the XDS110 ETHDR a solution that fits all designer needs for power monitoring.

The XDS110 ETHDR connects to the XDS110 Debug Probe via its 30-pin Expansion connector and uses the Auxiliary 14-pin port connection on the XDS110 Debug Probe. This allows for a seamless increase in the dynamic range of existing test environments that use the EnergyTrace feature included in the XDS110 Debug Probe.

The XDS110 ETHDR has the following features:

  • Voltage supply to the target board from 1.8V to 3.6V
  • Current supply up to 800mA when using the provided USB cable
  • Current sampling performed at 256kSPS
  • Two modes of operation:
    • High accuracy / low peak mode: output current from 1µA to 120mA
    • Low accuracy / high peak mode: output current from 1µA to 800mA

The XDS110 ETHDR comes in a package consisting of:

  • XDS110 ETDHR pod
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide

Devices supported:

  • SimpleLink MCUs (CC13xx, CC26xx, CC3x, MSP432)
  • C2000, TM4C12x and Hercules microcontrollers
  • MSP430 Microcontrollers are NOT supported

You will need:

  • An installation of Code Composer Studio v7 (or later) or a compatible 3rd party development environment.
  • An XDS110 Debug Probe (TMDSEMU110-U)

Shipping information:

  • Product box dimensions: 260mm x 200mm x 50mm (10.0in x 8.0in x 2.0in)
  • Packaged product weight: 240g (8.0oz)


The Texas Instruments XDS110 EnergyTrace™ High Dynamic Range (ETHDR) is the first accessory to the XDS110 Debug Probe (emulator). Designed to be a complete plug-in solution that brings EnergyTrace to the higher power wireless connectivity systems, it features an improved range, resolution and sampling rate when compared to the original EnergyTrace feature built into the XDS110 Debug Probe.

The improved electrical characteristics of the XDS110 ETHDR also make it suitable to be used in a wider range of development kits and custom target boards.

The XDS110 ETHDR uses the same enclosure as the XDS110 Debug Probe, thus making it an elegant solution that is physically suited for the lab environment.

The XDS110 family is fully compatible with TI’s Code Composer Studio IDE. This combination gives a complete hardware development environment which includes an Integrated Debug Environment, Compiler, and full hardware debugging and Trace capability on selected TI microcontrollers, processors and wireless connectivity microcontrollers.

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  • XDS110 ETHDR pod
  • USB2.0 cable
  • English Quick start guide leaflet
  • Korean Quick start guide leaflet
  • Terms and conditions leaflet

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XDS110 Debug Probe  TMDSEMU110-U  JTAG 仿真器/分析器 
Code Composer Studio (CCS) 集成开发环境 (IDE)  CCSTUDIO  软件开发工具、IDE、编译器 

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