2.3 nV/√Hz, Differential, Time Gain Control (TGC) DAC Reference Design for Ultrasound

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The TIDA-01427 reference design provides a solution for differential signal chain used for generating a time-varying control voltage (VCNTL) to drive multiple AFE devices in a parallel configuration. TI's low-noise analog front ends (AFEs) for medical ultrasound have a time gain control (TGC) feature that helps achieve best possible signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for ultrasound applications. This reference design uses dual multiplying DACs (DAC8802) followed by current-to-voltage converters (OPA2209) to generate a 20-V swing. After filtering this 20-V swing with a multiple feedback filter (THS4130), it is attenuated to 1.5-V using a passive attenuator. The design can be powered using a ±15 or 5-V supply (onboard Fly-Buck converter LM5160 converts a 5-V input to ±15-V rails). The clean power suppplies for the entire signal chain are generated using the TPS7A39 and TPS7A47. The ±10-V references for the DAC are generated using the REF5010 and OPA2209.

  • Low-noise (2.3nV/√Hz), differential TGC signal enables AFE58xx series devices to amplify lower amplitude signals resulting in higher depth of penetration in ultrasound imaging
  • Enables AFEs to resolve the data with lower noise resulting in high resolution ultrasound images
  • Full signal chain propagation delay of < 5µs improves overall system response time
  • Second-order Butterworth active low-pass filter with fc = 150 kHz helps smooth transition of control signal
  • Capable of driving up to 64+ channels of AFEs
  • Configurable output common-mode voltage from 0 to 2.5V to support AFEs with different control voltage requirements

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器件型号 名称 产品系列 样片或购买 设计套件与评估模块
DAC8802  14 位双通道串行接口乘法数模转换器  数模转换器 (DACs)  样片或购买 不可用
LM5160  LM5160 宽输入 65V、1.5A 同步降压 DC-DC 转换器  降压型器件  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
OPA2209  2.2nV/rtHz、18MHz、36V RRO 精密运算放大器  运算放大器(Op Amps)  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
REF5010  低噪声、极低漂移、高精度电压基准  电压基准  样片或购买 不可用
THS4130  具有关断功能的全差动输入/输出低噪声放大器  运算放大器(Op Amps)  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
TPS7A39  双通道、正负 150mA 输出 LDO  线性稳压器 (LDO)  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
TPS7A47  36V、1A、4.17μVRMS、RF LDO 稳压器  线性稳压器 (LDO)  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块


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