Automotive Reinforced Isolation CAN Reference Design

(正在供货) TIDA-01255





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The TIDA-01255 design is built for isolated CAN communication, which is widely used in automotive environments. In hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/EVs), a complete high-voltage network is floating with respect to the chassis ground. Isolation is required for the power and communication channels interfaced between floating high- to low-voltage systems. The TIDA-01255 design supports applications with a simple isolated transformer driver to transfer power. This TI Design has a low-transmission delay, which reduces the loop delay and supports higher baud rates of the CAN.

  • Flexible high-speed CAN communication
  • Low loop delay (typically 136 ηs) to support high-speed arbitration rates
  • 750-mW power transfer with 3-kV isolation
  • ±70-V bus fault protection
  • Compliant with ISO 11898-2 CAN standard

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