18V/1kW, 160A PEAK, >98% Efficient, High Power Density Brushless Motor Drive Reference Design

(正在供货) TIDA-00774





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The TIDA-00774 is a 1kW drive for a three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor in power tools operating from a 5-cell Li-ion battery with a voltage up to 21 V. The design is a 65mm x 60mm compact drive, implementing sensor-based trapezoidal control. The design takes advantage of TI's MOSFET Power Block technology, which integrates two FETs in half-bridge configuration into a single SON 5x6 package, enabling very high power density. The design uses two Power Blocks in parallel and delivers 50-ARMS continuous (120-A peak for 3 second, 160-A peak for 1 second) winding current. The MOSFET power block with minimum parasitic inductance and the current controlled gate driver with slew rate control helps in effective MOSFET paralleling and reduces switching spikes. The current sensing is done by monitoring MOSFET VDS. The board provides cycle by cycle over current and short circuit protection.

  • Operates at voltage ranging from 6-V to 21-V (5s li-ion battery) delivering 50-ARMS continuous (120A peak for 3s, 160-A peak for 1s) winding current 
  • Inverter drive efficiency > 98.5%
  • Current sensing by monitoring and amplifying the VDS of MOSFET
  • Effective MOSFET paralleling with excellent dynamic current sharing
  • 18V/680W, 33 A RMS support without heat sink
  • Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent and short circuit protection by VDS sensing

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