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The DAC34SH84EVM is a circuit board that allows designers to evaluate the performance of Texas Instruments' four-channel, ultra-low power, 16-bit, 1.5 GSPS DAC34SH84 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with 32-bit wide DDR LVDS data input, integrated 2x/4x/8x/16x interpolation filters, 32-bit NCO and PLL, and exceptional linearity at high IFs. The EVM provides a flexible environment to test the DAC34SH84 under a variety of clock, data input, and IF output conditions. For ease of use as a complete IF transmitter solution, the DAC34SH84EVM includes the Texas Instruments CDCE62005 clock generator/jitter cleaner for clocking the DAC34SH84. Besides providing a high-quality, low jitter DAC sampling clock to the DAC34SH84, the CDCE62005 also provides FPGA clocks to the TSW1400EVM (or TSW3100EVM) as FPGA reference clocks.

The EVM can be used along with TSW1400 (or TSW3100) to perform a wide range of tests and measurements. The TSW1400 (or TSW3100) generates the test patterns which are fed to the DAC34SH84 through a 1.5 GSPS* LVDS port. The on-board CDCE62005 can be used to synchronize the TSW1400 (or TSW3100) board to DAC34SH84EVM.

The DAC34SH84EVM is also compatible with Xilinx and Altera based FPGA EVMs and design kits for rapid evaluation and prototyping. The DAC34SH84EVM includes an HSMC input for direct connection to HSMC compatible Altera based FPGA EVMs. The FMC-DAC-ADAPTER board available from TI enables the connection of the DAC34SH84EVM to the FMC header on Xilinx based EVMs.

  • Comprehensive test capability for the DAC34SH84
  • Direct connection to TSW1400/TSW3100 signal generator
  • Includes CDCE62005 for clock generation or jitter cleaning
  • Software support with a full featured GUI for easy testing and prototyping
  • FMC-DAC-Adapter card compatible to connect with FMC interconnect headers available Xilinx based FPGA EVMs
  • Direct compatibility with HSMC headers on Altera based FPGA EVMs
  • Note: The TSW1400 EVM supports up to 1.5GSPS LVDS toggle rate while the TSW3100 EVM only supports up to 1.25GSPS LVDS toggle rate. To fully evaluate the DAC34SH84’s 750MSPS data rate per DAC, the TSW1400 EVM is required.

  • 可用更新

    For more testing options, please refer to the table below.

    Device DAC output only IQ-Mod output only
    Sort Ascending  Sort Descending Sort Ascending  Sort Descending Sort Ascending  Sort Descending
      DAC3482     DAC3482EVM     TSW3085EVM  
      DAC3484     DAC3484EVM     TSW3084EVM  
      DAC34H84     DAC34H84EVM     TSW30H84EVM  
      DAC34SH84     DAC34SH84EVM     TSW30SH84EVM  

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    DAC34SH84 Evaluation Module




    DAC34SH84EVM + TSW1400EVM Data Capture / Pattern Generator Bundle

    无此商品 ACTIVE

    TI's Standard Terms and Conditions for Evaluation Modules apply.

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    HSDC-SEK-10 系统评估套件  HSDC-SEK-10  开发套件 
    低成本图形发生器卡  TSW1406EVM  评估模块和开发板 
    完整射频信号链评估模块  TSW30SH84EVM  评估模块和开发板 
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    CDCE62005  具有集成双路 VCO 的 5/10 路输出时钟发生器/抖动消除器  时钟发生器 
    DAC3482  2 通道、16 位、1.25GSPS 数模转换器   数模转换器 (DACs) 
    DAC3484  4 通道 16 位 1.25GSPS 数模转换器   数模转换器 (DACs) 
    DAC34H84  4 通道 16 位 1.25GSPS 数模转换器   数模转换器 (DACs) 
    DAC34SH84  四通道、16 位、1.5 GSPS 数模转换器 (DAC)。  数模转换器 (DACs) 
    LMK04803  具有双级联 PLL 和集成 1.9 GHz VCO 的低噪声时钟抖动消除器  时钟抖动消除器 
    LMK04805  具有双级联 PLL 和集成 2.2 GHz VCO 的低噪声时钟抖动消除器  时钟抖动消除器 
    LMK04806  具有双级联 PLL 和集成 2.5 GHz VCO 的低噪声时钟抖动消除器  时钟抖动消除器 
    LMK04808  具有双环 PLL 的 LMK04800 系列低噪声时钟抖动消除器  时钟抖动消除器 
    TRF3705  300MHz 至 4GHz 正交调制器  RF 和微波 
    TRF372017  具有集成宽带 PLL/VCO 的 300MHz 至 4.8GHz 正交调制器  RF 和微波 
    TRF3765  具有集成式 VCO 和最多 8 个输出的 300M-4800MHz 低噪声整数 N/分数 N PLL  时钟与计时