FlashRunner™ FR03 系统内编程器
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FlashRunnerTM FR03 is a high-performance, standalone In-System Programmer for Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories. FlashRunnerTM FR03, which is targeted at production environments, easily interfaces to a programming system or Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and can work either in full standalone mode or be controlled by a host system. In the standalone mode, all the projects and code images are stored on a memory card (FAT16 compatible). FlashRunnerTM FR03 is supported by a Windows utility that allows communication with the instrument and ability to perform the most common operations such as send commands, manage SD card files, update the instrument's firmware, algorithm etc. LEDs on the unit provide easy display of programming status (busy/pass/fail).

  • In-system programming support for UCD3138, UCD3020, UCD3028, UCD3040, and other TI products
  • Standalone operation with Start button (projects and code images stored on a memory card)
  • Controllable by any host system via RS-232, also can be integrated with ATE
  • Supports ISP (in-system programming) protocols
  • LED indicators for Power, Instrument Status & Programming Status (Busy/Pass/Fail)
  • 7.5V DC power supply input (required)

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FlashRunner™ FR03 In-System Programmer


TI 器件 (6)

器件型号 名称 产品系列
UCD3020  具有多达 2 个稳压输出和 6 个 DPWM 输出的完全可编程的数字功率控制器  数字电源 
UCD3028  具有多达 2 个稳压输出和 8 个 DPWM 输出的完全可编程的数字功率控制器  数字电源 
UCD3040  具有 4 个反馈环路和 8 个 DPWM 输出的完全可编程的数字功率控制器  数字电源 
UCD3138  用于隔离电源的高度集成数字控制器(具有 3 个反馈环路和 8 个 DPWM 输出)  数字电源 
UCD3138064A  UCD3138064A 用于隔离电源的高度集成数字控制器  数字电源 
UCD3138A  UCD3138A 用于隔离电源的高度集成数字控制器  数字电源 

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