TMS320F2812 eZDSP 入门套件 (DSK) - 插座版 TMDSEZS2812 (停产)





Important Note

TMS320F2837x is the recommended alternative to the TMS320F281x series.

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Host Platform Supported: TMS320F2812
Number of Processors: 1
Clock Speed Available (MHz): 150 MHz
Board Size: 83 x 146 mm (3.26 x 5.75 inches)
External Memory:64K words of External Memory
Expansion Options: 3 expansion connectors
Software Included: Drivers for Code Composer Studio™ IDE

For information on the socketed version of the F2812 eZdsp please visit the Spectrum Digital webpage by clicking here.

The F2812 eZdsp™ is a stand alone module that lets evaluators examine certain characteristics of the F2812 digital signal processor (DSP) to determine if this DSP meets their application requirements. This module has a single chip parallel port to JTAG scan controller. Therefore the module can be operated without additional development tools such as an emulator. Furthermore, the module is an excellent platform to develop, demonstrate, and run software for the F2812 processor


The TMSF2812 eZdsp™ integrates the essential key features to allow users to understand the TMS320F2812 characteristics.

Hardware features

  • TMS320F2812 Digital Signal Processor
  • 18K words RAM
  • 128K words on chip Flash ROM
  • 64K words on board RAM
  • Expansion connectors
  • Onboard embedded IEEE 1149.1 JTAG controller
  • 5 Volt only operation with supplied adapter
  • Onboard IEEE 1149.q JTAG emulation

Software Features:

  • A copy of Code Composer Studio specifically designed to only work with the eZdsp target
  • Compatible with Flash programming utilities from Spectrum Digital


TI 器件 (3)

器件型号 名称 产品系列
TMS320F2810  具有闪存的 32 位数字信号控制器  微控制器 (MCU) 
TMS320F2811  具有闪存的 32 位数字信号控制器  微控制器 (MCU) 
TMS320F2812  具有闪存的 32 位数字信号控制器  微控制器 (MCU) 



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