30-W/in3, 94% Efficiency, 65-W USB Type-C PD AC/DC Adapter Reference Design TIDA-01622 (正在供货)





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This fully tested, USB power delivery reference design is a high efficiency, high power density, AC/DC adapter solution with a wide input voltage range (85 - 265VAC) for laptop adapters and smartphone charger applications. It adopts active-clamp-flyback topology controlled by TI’s newest ACF controller UCC28780 as the mainly power supply stage. This design uses TPS25740B, TI’s PD source controller, to achieve a full PD 2.0 function. The design achieves a peak efficiency of 94% at a very high switching frequency. The design’s power density is increased to 30 W/in3, which is much higher than traditional solutions.

  • High efficiency (94% peak value)
  • High power density (30W/in³)
  • Low no load power consumption (60mW)
  • Low light load input power (0.5W), @20Vout/0.25W output
  • Fully compatible with USB PD 2.0 standard, with 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3.25A output
  • Active-clamp flyback + SR topology
  • Small size (62mm*28.6mm*18.4mm)

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ATL431  2.5V low-Iq adjustable precision shunt regulator  电压参考  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
CSD17578Q3A  30V, N ch NexFET MOSFET™, single SON3x3, 9.4mOhm  MOSFET的  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
ISO7710  High-speed, robust-EMC reinforced single-channel digital isolator  隔离  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
TPD1E05U06-Q1  Automotive 1-channel ultra-low-capacitance IEC ESD protection diode  电路保护  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
TPS25740B  USB Type-C™ and USB PD Source Controller  USB  不可用 查看设计套件与评估模块
UCC24612  High-frequency multi-mode synchronous rectifier controller  离线和隔离式DC / DC控制器和转换器  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
UCC28780  Adaptive zero voltage switching active-clamp flyback controller  离线和隔离式DC / DC控制器和转换器  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块


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