Automotive Discrete SBC Pre-Boost, Post-Buck With CAN Reference Design

(正在供货) TIDA-01429





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The TIDA-01429 reference design implements a wideinput voltage boost controller, followed by a wide input voltage buck converter set to 5.0 V. The 5.0 V supply is used for powering a Controller Area Network (CAN) transceiver and a compact fixed 3.3 V linear drop-out (LDO) regulator for supplying the C2000 microcontroller. This design has been tested for CISPR 25 radiated emissions per absorber lined shielded enclosure (ALSE) method, CISPR25 conducted emissions via the voltage method, and for immunity to Bulk Current Injection (BCI) per ISO 11452-4, all with CAN communication operating at 500 KBPS. This is a electromagnetic compliance (EMC) vetted 3-stage power tree with controller area network (CAN) reference design that can be used in many automotive applications requiring operation with input voltages as low as 3.5 V.

A system basis chip (SBC) is an integrated circuit (IC) that combines many typical building blocks of a system, which includes transceivers, linear regulators, and switching regulators. While these integrated devices can offer size and cost savings in a number of applications, the integrated devices do not work in every case. For applications where an SBC is not a good fit, it might be beneficial to build a discrete implementation of these aforementioned building blocks thus making a discrete SBC.

  • Wide input voltage, adjustable boost controller
  • Wide input voltage, fixed 5V buck converter
  • Passes Class 5 CISPR 25 radiated emissions
  • Passes Class 4 CISPR 25 conducted emissions
  • Maintains regulated 3.3V and 5V supplies through battery input voltages down to 3.5V
  • Able to survive load dump voltages up to 40V

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(Output Voltage 1)
(Output Voltage 2)
Vin (Min) (V)4.34.3
Vin (Max) (V)4242
Vout (Nom) (V)3.35
Iout (Max) (A)1.024
Output Power (W)3.3.12
拓扑Boost- Synchronous
Buck- Synchronous
Boost- Synchronous
Buck- Synchronous

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SN74AHCT1G04-Q1  汽车类单反向器闸  逻辑  样片或购买 不可用
SN74LVC2G06-Q1  具有漏极开路的汽车类双路反向缓冲器/驱动器  逻辑  样片或购买 不可用
TCAN1042GV-Q1  具有高级故障保护功能和 CAN FD(灵活数据速率)的汽车类 EMC 优化型 CAN 收发器  接口  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
TLV713P-Q1  TLV713-Q1 具有折返电流限制的无电容 150mA LDO 稳压器  线性稳压器 (LDO)  样片或购买 不可用
TMS320F28030  Piccolo 微处理器  实时控制  样片或购买 查看设计套件与评估模块
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TPS57140-Q1  具有 Eco-Mode™ 的汽车类 3.5V 至 42V 输入、1.5 A 降压 SWIFT™ 转换器  降压型器件  样片或购买 不可用


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