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New version launched in October 2011 - MSP-GANG

Things you should know:

  • Once new version (MSP-GANG) is available, the original kit will not get periodic device support updates. Device support updates will happen on a case by case basis. If you have questions, please work with your local sales representative.

This in-system gang programmer tool can be used to program up to 8 MSP430 FLASH devices simultaneously. These devices can be programmed in-circuit or in stand-alone sockets and software is included to facilitate device programming. The programming can be done with a PC or standalone. Since the graphical user interface (GUI) is DLL-based the DLL can be used independently from the GUI. Several examples show how the DLL could be applied at various high level languages (C, C++, VisualBasic, LabView).

Contents: GANG430 1.62/WIN

1.62 Changes:

  • Added support for MSP430F6736A, F35A, F34A, F33A, F31A, F30A, F26A, F25A, F24A, F23A, F21A, F20A, F67641A & F67621A

1.61 Changes:

  • Added support for MSP430F67641 and MSP430F67621

1.60 Changes:

  • Added support for MSP430F5232, MSP430F5234, MSP430F5237, MSP430F5239, MSP430F5242, MSP430F5244, MSP430F5247, MSP430F5249 MSP430F5252, MSP430F5253, MSP430F5254, MSP430F5255, MSP430F5256, MSP430F5257, MSP430F5258, MSP430F5259

1.59 Changes:

  • Added support for MSP430G2444, MSP430G2544, MSPG2744, MSPG2755, MSPG2855, MSPG2955

1.58 Changes:

  • Added support for MSP430SL5438A

1.57 Changes:

  • Added support for CC430F6147, CC430F6145, CC430F6143, CC430F5147, CC430F5145, CC430F5143, CC430F5125, CC430F5123

1.56 Changes:

  • MSP430F6720, MSP430F6721, MSP430F6723, MSP430F6724, MSP430F6725, MSP430F6726, MSP430F6730, MSP430F6731, MSP430F6733, MSP430F6734, MSP430F6735, MSP430F6736 MSP430G2210, MSP430G2230


1.55 Changes:

  • MSP430FR5720, MSP430FR5721, MSP430FR5722, MSP430FR5723, MSP430FR5724, MSP430FR5725, MSP430FR5726, MSP430FR5727, MSP430FR5728, MSP430FR5729 MSP430FR5730, MSP430FR5731, MSP430FR5732, MSP430FR5733, MSP430FR5734, MSP430FR5735, MSP430FR5736, MSP430FR5737, MSP430FR5738 CC430F6147

1.54 Changes:

  • MSP430F6438, MSP430F6436, MSP430F6435, MSP430F6433 MSP430F5338, MSP430F5336, MSP430F5335, MSP430F5333, MSP430F5229, MSP430F5228, MSP430F5227, MSP430F5224, MSP430F5223, MSP430F5222, MSP430F5219, MSP430F5218, MSP430F5217, MSP430F5214, MSP430F5213, MSP430F5212, MSP430FR5739

1.53 Changes:

  • Support for new devices: MSP430G2533, MSP430G4533, MSP430G2333, MSP430G2233, MSP430G2403, MSP430G2303, MSP430G2203, MSP430G2553, MSP430G2453, MSP430G2353, MSP430G2253, MSP430G2153, MSP430G2513, MSP430G2413, MSP430G2313, MSP430G2213, MSP430G2113, MSP430AFE253, MSP430AFE233, MSP430AFE223, MSP430AFE252, MSP430AFE232, MSP430AFE222,MSP430AFE251, MSP430AFE231, MSP430AFE221, MSP430FW428, MSP430FW429, MSP430F5172, MSP430F5152, MSP430F5132, MSP430F5171, MSP430F5151, MSP430F5131

1.52 Changes:

  • Support for new devices: MSP430G2432, MSP430G2402, MSP430G2332, MSP430G2302, MSP430G2232, MSP430G2202, MSP430G2132, MSP430G2102, MSP430G2452, MSP430G2412, MSP430G2352, MSP430G2312, MSP430G2252, MSP430G2212, MSP430G2152, MSP430G2112, MSP430F6638, MSP430F6637, MSP430F6636, MSP430F6635, MSP430F6634, MSP430F6633, MSP430F6632, MSP430F6631, MSP430F6630, MSP430F5638, MSP430F5637, MSP430F5636, MSP430F5635, MSP430F5634, MSP430F5633, MSP430F5632, MSP430F5631, MSP430F5630, MSP430F5510, MSP430F5509, MSP430F5508, MSP430F5507, MSP430F5506, MSP430F5505, MSP430F5504, MSP430F5503, MSP430F5502, MSP430F5501, MSP430F5500, MSP430F5310, MSP430F5309, MSP430F5308, MSP430F5304, MSP430F5329, MSP430F5328, MSP430F5327, MSP430F5326, MSP430F5325, MSP430F5324, MSP430F5342, MSP430F5341, MSP430F5340, MSP430BT5190

1.51 Changes:

  • Support for new devices: MSP430F5513, MSP430F5514, MSP430F5515, MSP430F5517, MSP430F5519, MSP430F5521, MSP430F5522, MSP430F5524, MSP430F5525, MSP430F5526, MSP430F5527, MSP430F5528, MSP430F5529, MSP430F5418A, MSP430F5419A, MSP430F5435A, MSP430F5436A, MSP430F5437A, MSP430F5438A, CC430F5133, CC430F5135, CC430F5137, CC430F6125, CC430F6126, CC430F6127, CC430F6135, CC430F6137, MSP430F438, MSP430F439 o MSP430G2211, MSP430G2201, MSP430G2111, MSP430G2101, MSP430G2001, MSP430G2231, MSP430G2221, MSP430G2131, MSP430G2121
  • Added new DLL function GangAppendImage()
  • Added support for BSL programming

1.48 Changes:

  • Bug fixes in GangAccessTargetSFR() of DLL for F5xx devices.



Hardware includes:

  • In-circuit gang programmer
  • 1 Cable Sub-D 9 Pin
  • Target expansion board
  • 8 14-pin cables for connectivity of up to 8 targets

The GANG430 supports up to two 480kB images. External power supply is required and not included with MSP-GANG430. The voltage of the power supply must be between 9 V and 15 V dc and must be capable of providing a minimum current of 300 mA.

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MSP430 In-System Gang Programmer Software


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