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The MSP-FET430PIF is a Parallel Port interface (does not include target board) that is used to program and debug MSP430 FET tools and test boards through the JTAG interface. This interface is included in our FET tools, but sold without the development board. This interface uses a Parallel PC Port to communicate to the Debugger Software (IAR Kickstart software included) running on the PC. The interface uses the standard 14 pin header to communicate to the MSP430 device using the standard JTAG protocol.

The flash memory can be erased and programmed in seconds with only a few keystrokes, and since the MSP430 flash is extremely low power, no external power supply is required. The tool has an integrated software environment and connects directly to the PC which greatly simplifies the set-up and use of the tool. The flash development tool supports development with all MSP430 flash parts.

  • MSP430 debugging interface to connect a MSP430-Flash-device to a Parallel port on a PC
  • Supports JTAG debug protocol (NO support for Spy-Bi-Wire (2-wire JTAG) debug protocol, Spy-Bi-Wire (2-wire JTAG) is supported by MSP-FET430UIF)
  • Parallel Port cable and a 14-conductor target cable
  • Full documentation on CD ROM
  • Integrated IAR Kickstart user interface which includes:
    • Assembler
    • Linker
    • Limulator
    • Source-level debugger
    • Limited C-compiler
  • Technical specifications:
    • Backwardly compatable with existing FET tool boards.

  • One READ ME FIRST document
  • One MSP430 CD-ROM
  • One 14-conductor cable
  • One 25-conductor cable
  • One MSP-FET430PIF interface module

TI's Standard Terms and Conditions for Evaluation Modules apply.

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