Tiva™ C 系列 TM4C123G USB+CAN 开发套件 DK-TM4C123G (停产)





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The Tiva C Series TM4C123G Development Kit is a compact and versatile evaluation platform for the Tiva C Series TM4C123G ARM® Cortex™-M4-based microcontroller (MCU). The development kit design highlights the TM4C123G MCU integrated USB 2.0 On-the-Go/Host/Device interface, CAN, precision analog, sensor hub, and low-power capabilities. The development kit features a Tiva C Series TM4C123GH6PGE microcontroller in a 144-LQFP package, a color OLED display, USB OTG connector, a microSD card slot, a coin-cell battery for the low-power Hibernate mode, a CAN transceiver, a temperature sensor, a nine-axis sensor for motion tracking, and easy-access through-holes to all of the available device signals.

  • Tiva TM4C123GH6PGE MCU with 256KB internal Flash and 144-LQFP with 105 GPIOs for excellent prototyping capabilities
  • 96×64 color OLED display providing useful output and interface options
  • USB Micro-AB for prototyping USB OTG applications
  • microSD card slot for data storage
  • 5-mm screw terminals for external analog inputs and CAN signals
  • Precision 3.0-V reference for accurate analog-to-digital conversion
  • Temperature sensor
  • 9-axis motion sensor that includes a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer for motion and position tracking
  • All I/Os brought out to headers for easy prototyping
  • Five user/navigation buttons (including select/wake) for user input
  • One user LED
  • CAN transceiver
  • 10-pin JTAG header to provide standard debug interface
  • Debug out capability with minor modifications
  • ARM® Cortex-M4-based microcontrollers
  • Code composer studio™ IDE

Kit Contents

The DK-TM4C123G development kit contains everything you need to develop and run applications for Tiva C Series MCUs, including:

  • Tiva C Series DK-TM4C123G board pre-loaded with data logger quickstart application
  • On-board In-Circuit Debug Interface (ICDI) for easy flash programming and debugging
  • Cables:
    • USB Micro-B-plug-to-USB-A for debug function
    • USB Micro-B-plug-to-USB-A plug cable (connects to PC as a USB device)
    • USB Micro-A-plug-to-Std-A receptacle cable (connects to USB flash drive)
    • 3-V CR2032 Li coin-cell battery
  • Development Kit USB flash drive:
    • Complete documentation
    • TivaWare for C Series Firmware
  • Development package with example source code:
    • Texas Instruments’ Code Composer Studio™ IDE
    • Keil™ RealView® Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK-ARM)
    • IAR Embedded Workbench® development tools
    • Sourcery CodeBench development tools
    • GCC



Download the latest version of the DK-TM4C123G firmware here!

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软件 (3)

名称 器件型号 软件类型
未使用**DK-TM4C123G 固件开发包**未使用  SW-DK-TM4C123G  应用软件与框架 
基于 Stonestreet One Bluetopia 的 TI 蓝牙堆栈  TIBLUETOOTHSTACK-SDK  软件开发套件 (SDK) 
基于 TM4C MCU 的 TI 双模 Bluetooth® 协议栈  CC256XM4BTBLESW  软件开发套件 (SDK) 

开发工具 (2)

名称 器件型号 工具类型
适用于 TM4x MCU 的 Code Composer Studio (CCS) 集成开发环境 (IDE)  CCSTUDIO-TM4X  软件开发工具、IDE、编译器 
用于 TI 微控制器 (MCU) 的 Code Composer Studio IDE Uniflash 独立闪存工具  UNIFLASH  闪存编程工具 

设计套件与评估模块  ( 3 )

名称 器件型号 工具类型
CC2564 Bluetooth® 双路模式模块评估版  CC2564MODNEM  评估模块和开发板 
CC256x Bluetooth®/双模评估模块  CC256XQFNEM  评估模块和开发板 
Tiva™ C 系列 LaunchPad 评估套件  EK-TM4C123GXL  评估模块和开发板 

参考设计  ( 2 )

名称 Part Number 工具类型
采用高性能 MCU 驱动步进电机的参考设计  TIDM-TM4C123STEPPERMOTOR  TI Designs
面向 IoT 应用的的微步进电机控制参考设计(采用 MCU 和 Wi-Fi®)  TIDM-TM4C123IOTSTEPPERMOTOR  TI Designs

TI 器件 (10)

器件型号 名称 产品系列
CC2560  蓝牙 Smart Ready 控制器  SimpleLink 解决方案 
CC2564  蓝牙 Smart Ready 控制器  SimpleLink 解决方案 
CC2564MODA  CC2564MODx Bluetooth® 主机控制器接口 (HCI) 模块  SimpleLink 解决方案 
CC2564MODN  蓝牙双模式 HCI 模块  SimpleLink 解决方案 
TM4C1230H6PM  Tiva C 系列微控制器  微控制器 (MCU) 
TM4C123FH6PM  Tiva C 系列微控制器  微控制器 (MCU) 
TM4C123GH6PGE  Tiva C 系列微控制器  微控制器 (MCU) 
TM4C123GH6PZ  Tiva C 系列微控制器  微控制器 (MCU) 
TM4C123GH6ZRB  Tiva C 系列微控制器  微控制器 (MCU) 
TM4C123GH6ZXR  Tiva C 系列微控制器  微控制器 (MCU) 



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