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Recommended alternative tools: CC2520EMK and MSP-EXP430F5438 Experimenter’s Board

The CC2520 Development Kit includes hardware and software that allows quick testing of the CC2520 RF performance and offers a complete platform for development of advanced prototype RF systems and for evaluation of the CC2520 right out of the box. The kit can be used for range testing using the pre-programmed PER tester running on the MSP430F2618.

Use SmartRF® Studio to perform RF measurements. The radio can be easily configured to measure sensitivity, output power and other RF parameters. All I/O from the CC2520 are available on pin connectors on the SmartRF®05EB and on the CCMSP-EM, allowing easy interconnection to other devices or controllers. These connectors are also compatible with logic analyzer probes for easy debugging.

The SmartRF05+CC2520EM can be utilized as a capture device for the SmartRF Packet Sniffer.


The development kit contains the following components:

  • 3 x SmartRF05EB
  • 3 x CC2520EM evaluation modules
  • 3 x Antennas
  • 2 x CCMSP-EM430F2618
  • 1 x MSP-FET430UIF debug interface
  • 3 x USB cables
  • Documents

A free, code size limited edition of IAR Embedded Workbench (IAR Kickstart) is available from the IAR Systems website or from the TI MSP430 homepage

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开发工具 (3)

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SmartRF Studio Download  SMARTRFTM-STUDIO  计算工具 
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设计套件与评估模块  ( 1 )

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CC2520 评估模块套件  CC2520EMK  子卡 

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CC2520EM 参考设计  CC2520EM_REFDES  参考设计 

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CC2520  二代 2.4GHz ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 射频收发器  SimpleLink 解决方案 



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