DJ Controllers, Mixers & Other DJ Equipment

DJ Controllers, Mixers & Other DJ Equipment


Integrated circuits and reference designs from TI, complete with schematics, test data and design files, for DJ controllers and other DJ equipment:

  • High performance audio data converters (ADCs and DACs) sample rates as high as 216 kHz and SNR as high as 127 dB to meet all of the latest high fidelity (Hi-Fi) requirements
  • Reference designs with inductance-to-digital converters being used in a 32-position encoder knobs that can reliably operate in environments which have dirt, moisture, or oil
  • Eliminate audible “clicks” and “pops” with reference designs for both current and voltage output DACs with ground-referenced enable pin headphone amplifiers


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INA1650 Evaluation Module INA1650EVM Texas Instruments 评估模块和开发板




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