Data Encoders/Decoders

Data Encoders/Decoders


Integrated circuits and reference designs for Data Encoders/Decoders, complete with schematics, test data and design files:

  • Configurable bi-directional video I/O coupling with programmable processors maximize the design flexibility and reduce system board and IC count.
  • Complete signal chain supports 12G-UHD, 6G, 3G-HD, and SD SMPTE standards with performance and cost optimized solutions.
  • Multi-core DSP + ARM processor platforms save R&D investment with available video/audio Codecs library.
  • Comprehensive resources for AC/DC and DC/DC management enable quick time to market.


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名称 器件型号 公司 工具/软件类型
LMH0324 3G/HD/SD SDI 自适应电缆均衡器评估模块 LMH0324-18EVM Texas Instruments 评估模块和开发板
LMH1297 12G Bidirectional I/O Evaluation Module LMH1297EVM Texas Instruments 评估模块和开发板
具有 LMH1981 HD/SD 视频同步分离器的 LMH1982 多速率视频时钟发生器 EVM LMH1982SQEEVAL Texas Instruments 评估模块和开发板
用于 LMH1981 多格式视频同步分离器的评估板 LMH1981MTEVAL Texas Instruments 评估模块和开发板
***占位符*** LMH1219EVM Texas Instruments 评估模块和开发板


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