LMX2433 (正在供货)

用于射频个人通信的 3.6 GHz/1.7 GHz PLLatinum 双路高频合成器



Using a proprietary digital-phase, locked-loop technique, the LMX243x devices generate very stable, low-noise control signals for RF and IF voltage controlled oscillators. Both the RF and IF synthesizers include a two-level programmable charge pump. Both the RF and IF PLLs have dedicated fastlock circuitry with integrated time-out counters which require only a single word write to power up or change frequencies.

The LMX243x devices are high-performance frequency synthesizers with integrated dual-modulus prescalers. A 32/33 or a 16/17 prescale ratio can be selected for the 5-GHz LMX2434 RF synthesizer. An 8/9 or a 16/17 prescale ratio can be selected for both the LMX2430 and LMX2433 RF synthesizers. The IF circuitry contains an 8/9 or a 16/17 prescaler.

Serial data is transferred to the devices through a three-wire interface (DATA, LE, CLK). A low voltage logic interface allows direct connection to 1.8-V devices. Supply voltages from 2.25 V to 2.75 V are supported.


  • Low Current Consumption
    • LMX2430 (RF/IF): 2.8 mA/ 1.4 mA
    • LMX2433 (RF/IF): 3.2 mA/ 2 mA
    • LMX2434 (RF/IF): 4.6 mA/ 2.4 mA
  • 2.25-V to 2.75-V Operation
  • Synchronous/Asynchronous Power Down
  • Multiple PLL Options:
    • LMX2430 (RF/IF): 3 GHz /0.8 GHz
    • LMX2433 (RF/IF): 3.6 GHz /1.7 GHz
    • LMX2434 (RF/IF): 5 GHz /2.5 GHz
  • Programmable Charge-Pump Current Levels
    • RF and IF: 1 or 4 mA
  • Fastlock With Integrated Time-Out Counters
  • Digital Filtered Lock-Detect Output
  • Analog Lock Detect (Push-Pull / Open-Drain)
  • 1.8-V MICROWIRE Logic Interface


参数 与其它产品相比 RF PLL 与合成器

Output Frequency (Min) (MHz)
Output Frequency (Max) (MHz)
Normalized PLL Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)
VCO Phase Noise (Nom) (dBc/Hz)
1/f Noise (10 kHz offset at 1 GHz carrier) (dBc/Hz)
Current Consumption (mA)
Integrated VCO
LMX2433 LMX2434
500    1000   
3600    5000   
-218    -218   
N/A    N/A   
-100    -100   
3.2    4.6   
2.25 to 2.75    2.25 to 2.75   
No    No   
20ULGA    20ULGA   
Design/Analyze/Build It
RF-Side PLL Design Options
Min Output Freq MHz >= 500 help
Max Output Freq MHz <= 3600 help
Channel Spacing KHz > 0 help
AUX-Side PLL Design Options
Min Output Freq MHz >= 100 help
Max Output Freq MHz <= 1700 help
Channel Spacing KHz > 0 help
Global Design Options
Crystal Frequency MHz > 0 help
Max Supply V > 0 help

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