LMH7324 (正在供货)

具有 RSPECL 输出的四路 700 ps 高速比较器

具有 RSPECL 输出的四路 700 ps 高速比较器 - LMH7324


The LMH7324 is a quad comparator with 700 ps propagation delay and low dispersion of 20 ps for a supply voltage of 5V. The input voltage range extends 200 mV below the negative supply. This enables the LMH7324 to ground sense even when operating on a single power supply. The device operates from a wide supply voltage range from 5V to 12V, which allows for a wide input voltage range. However, if a wide input voltage range is not required, operating from a single-ended 5V supply results in a significant power savings, and less heat dissipation.

The outputs of the LMH7324 are RSPECL compatible and can also be configured to create LVDS levels. The LMH7324 operates over the industrial temperature range of −40°C to 125°C. The LMH7324 is available in a 32-Pin WQFN package.


  • (VCCI = VCCO = +5V, VEE = 0V.)
  • Propagation Delay 700 ps
  • Overdrive Dispersion 20 ps
  • Fast Rise and Fall Times 150 ps
  • Supply Range 5V to 12V
  • Input Common Mode Range Extends 200 mV Below Negative Rail
  • RSPECL outputs

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参数 与其它产品相比 比较器

Number of Channels (#)
Output Type
Vs (Min) (V)
Vs (Max) (V)
Propagation Delay Time (uS)
Vos (Offset Voltage @ 25C) (Max) (mV)
Iq per channel (Max) (mA)
Input Bias Current (+/-) (Max) (nA)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
VICR (Max) (V)
VICR (Min) (V)
Package Group
LMH7324 LMH7220 LMH7322 LMV7219
4    1    2    1   
RSPECL    LVDS    RSPECL    Push-Pull   
5    2.7    2.7    2.5   
12    12    12    5.5   
0.0007    0.0029    0.0007    0.007   
9.5    9.5    8    6   
6.25    10    15    1.8   
5000    5000    5000    950   
No    No    No    Out   
Catalog    Catalog    Catalog    Catalog   
-40 to 85    -40 to 125    -40 to 125    -40 to 85   
N/A    N/A    Strobe    Hysteresis
Small Size   
10    9.8    10.5    4.3   
0    0.2    0.2    -0.2   
WQFN    SOT-23-THIN    WQFN    SC70