BQ77PL900 5 至 10 节锂离子电池保护和 AFE | 德州仪器

BQ77PL900 (正在供货)

5 至 10 节锂离子电池保护和 AFE

5 至 10 节锂离子电池保护和 AFE - BQ77PL900


  • BQ76920  - 器件与被比较器件具有相似功能,但并不功能等效。 
  • BQ76930  - 器件与被比较器件具有相似功能,但并不功能等效。 
  • BQ76940  - 器件与被比较器件具有相似功能,但并不功能等效。 


The bq77PL900 is a five to ten series cell lithium-ion battery pack protector. The integrated I2C communications interface allows the bq77PL900 also to be as an analog front end (AFE) for a Host controller. Two LDOs, one 5 V/25 mA and one 3.3 V/25 mA, are also included and may be used to power a host controller or support circuitry.

The bq77PL900 integrates a voltage translation system to extract battery parameters such as individual cell voltages and charge/discharge current. Variables such as voltage protection thresholds and detection delay times can be programmed by using the internal EEPROM.

The bq77PL900 can act as a stand-alone self-contained battery protection system (stand-alone mode). It can alternatively be combined with a host microcontroller to offer fuel gauge or other battery management capabilities to the host system (host-control mode).

The bq77PL900 provides full safety protection for overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent in discharge, and short circuit in discharge conditions. When the EEPROM programmable safety thresholds are reached, the bq77PL900 turns off the FET drive autonomously. No external components are needed to configure the protection features.

The analog front end (AFE) outputs allow a host controller to observe individual cell voltages and charge/discharge currents. The host controller's analog-to-digital converter connects to the bq77PL900 to acquire these values.

Cell balancing can be performed autonomously, or the host controller can activate it individually via a cell bypass path integrated into the bq77PL900. Internal control registers accessible via the I2C interface configure this operation. The maximum balancing bypass current is set via an external series resistor and the internal FET-on resistance (typically 400 ). Optionally, external bypass cell balance FETs can be used for increased current capability.


  • 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 Series-Cell Primary Protection
  • PMOS FET Drive for Charge and Discharge FETs
  • Capable of Operation with 1-m Sense Resistor
  • Supply Voltage Range from 7 V to 50 V
  • Low Supply Current of 450 µA Typical
  • Integrated 5 V 25-mA LDO
  • Integrated 3.3 V 25-mA LDO
  • Stand-Alone Mode
    • Pack Protection Control and Recovery
    • Individual Cell Monitoring
    • Integrated Cell Balancing
    • Programmable Threshold and Delay Time for OvervoltageUndervoltage Overcurrent in Discharge Short Circuit in Discharge
    • Fixed Overtemperature Protection
  • Host Control Mode
    • I2C Interface to Host Controller
    • Analog Interface for Host Cell Measurement and System Charge/Discharge Current
    • Host-Controlled Protection Recovery
    • Host-Controlled Cell Balancing
    • Cordless Power Tools
    • Power Assisted Bicycle/Scooter
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems
    • Medical Equipment
    • Portable Test Equipment


参数 与其它产品相比 电池保护器

Number of Series Cells (Min)
Number of Series Cells (Max)
Communication Interface
Typical Operating Current (Typ) (uA)
Vin (Max) (V)
Monitoring (Analog Front-End)    
Analog current sense
Cell Balancing
Temperature sense
Over-current (OCP)
Over-temperature (OT)
Over-voltage (OV)
Short-circuit Discharge (SCD)
Under-voltage (UV)