TPA3110D2 具有 SpeakerGuard™ 的 15W 无滤波器 D 类立体声放大器 (TPA3110) | 德州仪器

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具有 SpeakerGuard™ 的 15W 无滤波器 D 类立体声放大器 (TPA3110)


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The TPA3110D2 is a 15-W (per channel) efficient, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving bridged-tied stereo speakers. Advanced EMI Suppression Technology enables the use of inexpensive ferrite bead filters at the outputs while meeting EMC requirements. SpeakerGuard™ speaker protection circuitry includes an adjustable power limiter and a DC detection circuit. The adjustable power limiter allows the user to set a "virtual" voltage rail lower than the chip supply to limit the amount of current through the speaker. The DC detect circuit measures the frequency and amplitude of the PWM signal and shuts off the output stage if the input capacitors are damaged or shorts exist on the inputs.

The TPA3110D2 can drive stereo speakers as low as 4 Ω. The high efficiency of the TPA3110D2, 90%, eliminates the need for an external heat sink when playing music.

The outputs are also fully protected against shorts to GND, VCC, and output-to-output. The short-circuit protection and thermal protection includes an auto-recovery feature.


  • 15-W/ch into an 8-Ω Loads at 10% THD+N From a 16-V Supply
  • 10-W/ch into 8-Ω Loads at 10% THD+N From a 13-V Supply
  • 30-W into a 4-Ω Mono Load at 10% THD+N From a 16-V Supply
  • 90% Efficient Class-D Operation Eliminates Need for Heat Sinks
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range Allows Operation From 8 V to 26 V
  • Filter-Free Operation
  • SpeakerGuard™ Speaker Protection Includes Adjustable Power Limiter Plus DC Protection
  • Flow Through Pin Out Facilitates Easy Board Layout
  • Robust Pin-to-Pin Short Circuit Protection and Thermal Protection With Auto Recovery Option
  • Excellent THD+N / Pop-Free Performance
  • Four Selectable, Fixed Gain Settings
  • Differential Inputs

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Part number 立即下单 Audio input type Architecture Speaker channels (Max) Power stage supply (Min) (V) Power stage supply (Max) (V) Output power (W) Load (Min) (ohms) SNR (dB) THD + N @ 1 kHz (%) Iq (Typ) (mA) Control interface Closed/open loop Analog supply (Min) (V) Analog supply (Max) (V) Power to parallel bridge tied load (Max) (W) PSRR (dB) Operating temperature range (C) Rating
TPA3110D2 立即下单 Analog Input     Class-D     Stereo     8     26     10     4     102     0.1     10     Hardware     Closed     8     26     30     70     -40 to 85     Catalog    
TPA3129D2 立即下单 Analog Input     Class-D     Stereo     4.5     26     15     3.2     102     0.1     17     Hardware     Closed     4.5     26         -40 to 85     Catalog    
TPA3130D2 立即下单 Analog Input     Class-D     Stereo     4.5     26     15     4     102     0.1     20     Hardware     Closed     4.5     26     30     70     -40 to 85     Catalog    
TPA3136D2 立即下单 Analog Input     Class-D     Stereo     4.5     14.4     10     4     102     0.04     35     Hardware     Closed     4.5     14.4     20     80     -40 to 85     Catalog    
TPA3138D2 立即下单 Analog Input     Class-D     Stereo     3.5     14.4     10     3.2     102     0.04     20     Hardware     Closed     3.5