TLV320ADC6140 具有动态范围增强器 (DRE) 和 123dB SNR 的四通道、768kHz Burr-Brown™ 音频 ADC | 德州仪器

具有动态范围增强器 (DRE) 和 123dB SNR 的四通道、768kHz Burr-Brown™ 音频 ADC

具有动态范围增强器 (DRE) 和 123dB SNR 的四通道、768kHz Burr-Brown™ 音频 ADC - TLV320ADC6140

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The TLV320ADC6140 is a high-performance, Burr-Brown audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that supports simultaneous sampling of up to four analog channels or eight digital channels for the pulse density modulation (PDM) microphone input. The device supports line and microphone inputs, and allows for both single-ended and differential input configurations. The device integrates programable channel gain, digital volume control, a programmable microphone bias voltage, a phase-locked loop (PLL), a programmable high-pass filter (HPF), biquad filters, low-latency filter modes, and allows for sample rates up to 768 kHz. The device supports time-division multiplexing (TDM), I2S, or left-justified (LJ) audio formats, and can be controlled with either the I2C or SPI interface. These integrated high-performance features, along with the ability to be powered from a single-supply of 3.3 V or 1.8 V, make the device an excellent choice for space-constrained audio systems in far-field microphone recording applications.

The TLV320ADC6140 is specified from –40°C to +125°C, and is offered in a 24-pin WQFN package.


  • Multichannel high-performance ADC:
    • 4-channel analog microphones or line-in,
    • 8-channel digital PDM microphones, or
    • Combination of analog and digital microphones
  • ADC line and microphone differential input performance:
    • Dynamic range (DR):
      • 122-dB, dynamic range enhancer (DRE) enabled
      • 113-dB, DRE disabled
    • THD+N: –95 dB
  • ADC channel summing mode, DR performance:
    • 116-dB, DRE disabled, 2-channel summing
    • 119-dB, DRE disabled, 4-channel summing
  • ADC input voltage:
    • Differential, 2-VRMS full-scale inputs
    • Single-ended, 1-VRMS full-scale inputs
  • ADC sample rate (fS) = 8 kHz to 768 kHz
  • Programmable channel settings:
    • Channel gain: 0 dB to 42 dB, 1-dB steps
    • Digital volume control: –100 dB to 27 dB
    • Gain calibration with 0.1-dB resolution
    • Phase calibration with 163-ns resolution
  • Programmable microphone bias or supply voltage generation
  • Low-latency signal processing filter selection
  • Programmable HPF and biquad digital filters
  • Automatic gain controller (AGC)
  • I2C or SPI controls
  • Integrated high-performance audio PLL
  • Automatic clock divider setting configurations
  • Audio serial data interface:
    • Format: TDM, I2S, or left-justified (LJ)
    • Word length: 16 bits, 20 bits, 24 bits, or 32 bits
    • Master or slave interface
  • Single-supply operation: 3.3 V or 1.8 V
  • I/O-supply operation: 3.3 V or 1.8 V
  • Power consumption for 1.8-V AVDD supply:
    • 8.7 mW/channel at 16-kHz sample rate
    • 9.5 mW/channel at 48-kHz sample rate

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